skirting - Posted by Philip

Posted by Philip on September 24, 2003 at 20:24:50:

Thanks! I have some shingles that have been waiting for something to do! Maybe all those years I did some of this kind of work will pay off!

skirting - Posted by Philip

Posted by Philip on September 24, 2003 at 16:46:39:

I don’t want to, but I am going to skirt a home myself. All you experienced handyman types want to give me the tips that will make it fast, effecient and less troublesome?
I will have 1 helper or maybe 2.
We will need to put down ground track and put heat tape on the main water line while we are there.

Plan ahead - Posted by Dan GA

Posted by Dan GA on September 26, 2003 at 10:00:56:

Start in the tallest corner and work towards the shortest corner. The smaller scrap pieces may be able to be used in the shortest corner when you’re done. Don’t cut 2 4’ pieces out of a 10’ panel if your shortest corner is 3’ off the ground, get 2 3’ pieces out of the 6’ piece and reduce/eliminate your waste. When your done, you can have 5% waste or 25% waste depending on how well you plan ahead.

Re: skirting - Posted by Mike

Posted by Mike on September 25, 2003 at 05:43:41:

don’t bother buying those what they so call mobile homes skirting… there piece of crap. it will last you about 2 yrs then you will spend another $300-$400 to replace it again. those skirting will be torn up once you hit it with a weedeater. buy a material call plastic lattice. looks good and life time warranty and wont break or chip when you do hit it with your weedeater.

Very good advise on the posts below, but… - Posted by Greg Meade

Posted by Greg Meade on September 24, 2003 at 20:57:08:

i just hate trying to cut that vinyl with snips…you will cut yourself! Slicker way is to take your skilsaw and remove blade, reverse the blade, tighten back up…presto! works perfect…my nineteen year old mower person showed me that, said his mom showed him…what a world!

Re: skirting - Posted by Steve-WA

Posted by Steve-WA on September 24, 2003 at 18:01:09:

Assuming this is a new vinyl skirting package.
Should be OK with one guy as a helper.

You’ll need:
a hammer for the ground rail spikes.
Tape measure for obvious reasons.
VERY good pair of tin snips to cut the vinyl, and anything out of the way.
A level for putting up the back rails.
A pencil to mark the cuts.
A cordless screwdriver, with two charged batteries, and a 1/4" hex socket that fits it.

Don’t screw the back rails too tight in the slots - they need room to slide - earthquakes along that bootheel fault line, you know.

The 12 foot sections DO NOT run long horizontally - you install the top back rail, and then measure from about the center of it to the ground, and cut a piece from the skirting, then turn it 90 degrees - you’ll see how these cut sections will interlock.

That’s about it, but it is very short. Please feel free to call me - I can give you a little more.


hmmm . . . - Posted by Stee-WA

Posted by Stee-WA on September 25, 2003 at 12:12:52:

Top rails and bottom rail with lattice instead of skirting . . . hmmm . . .

Re: skirting - Posted by Philip

Posted by Philip on September 25, 2003 at 07:23:24:

Does it look like lattice?

Re: Very good advise on the posts below, but… - Posted by DDD(AL)

Posted by DDD(AL) on October 09, 2003 at 16:29:03:

Reversing the blade works good on PVC pipe or conduit ,sheet plastic and some contertop materials. Test any material first. Some materials tend to melt but the melted stuff usually comes off fairly easily.
For materials that tend to chip or crack with other methods this often works better. Also many of the materials this method is used for need to be supported better than wood, the vibration of loose ends can be a source of cracks,etc. Again test a small piece and BE SURE TO UNPLUG THE SAW first. Sounds like common sense but I’ve seen people do it and I’ve come close myself.
This is usually done with a standard multi-purpose blade and there are speciality blades availible for some marterials that do a better job. For small jobs
this is hard to beat,I’ve used it for years in my field of industrial maintenance(Jack of all trades).

Re: Very good advise on the posts below, but… - Posted by Philip

Posted by Philip on September 24, 2003 at 21:11:36:

I was gonna ask about a skilsaw but forgot. When I helped rehab sfh there was something we turned the blade around for, but I can’t remember what.

Re: skirting - Posted by Philip

Posted by Philip on September 24, 2003 at 18:25:41:

I have the skirting from before this unit was moved. I will do what I can with the older vinyl and maybe buy new for entire sides that can’t be seen with the old and new together…in case the colors don’t match. Or the interlock. I may have to improvise a little there.
I may be giving you a call. Thank you very much.

Re: hmmm . . . - Posted by Lyal

Posted by Lyal on September 25, 2003 at 15:30:18:

Don’t think so for MN. -20 without the wind chill for at least a week every winter.

Re: skirting - Posted by Don

Posted by Don on September 24, 2003 at 19:57:42:

A neat trick I do when installing skirting is to put roofing shingles down before I put down the bottom track. Buy the cheapest 3-tab shingles. Color does’t matter(you’re going to turn them upside down anyway).Place the shingles on the ground around the perimeter of the home. 3 bundles is plenty to do a 14x80 home. Place the track on top of the shingles leaving about 3 inches of shingles sticking out. Now, grass won’t grow up against your skirting! No need to weed-eat around your home!

great tip about the shingles - Posted by Joe C. (AR)

Posted by Joe C. (AR) on September 28, 2003 at 24:23:09:

I never heard that one before, but I’ll sure try it next time.
Joe C. (AR)

Re: skirting & shingles - Posted by Dan GA

Posted by Dan GA on September 26, 2003 at 09:48:25:

One of my tenants did this on a MH he was setting up. It looked great, and I did it on a 14x76 that I moved in several months later. it took about 2.5 bundles. It makes a very nice finished edge that keeps the grass and weeds away from the skirting. Look for open bundles of shingles at your home center and ask for a discount “to help them solve their problem”. ie a roofer doesn’t want an open bundle with broken shingles.

Re: skirting - Posted by Jason (TX)

Posted by Jason (TX) on September 24, 2003 at 20:45:09:

WOW! So simple yet so effective!

Great tip!