Single-Family Rental Re-Fi

I have a couple single family rentals that I purchased over 10 years ago.

The mortgages are currently at or above 7.5%.

I would like to take advantage of lower interest rates.

Are there any good online brokers(Like Rocket) that specialize in this?

Thanks In Advance,

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If they are in your personal name, I know U.S. Bank deals with investment properties. Also, I believe American Funding works with investment properties.

I know Iā€™m late but just saw the post as I just joined the forums.

If titled in your name, the lowest rates will typically be from local credit unions or local banks. They get their money cheap and lend it at lower rates than national lenders. Additionally, they look good by helping the local business owner (real estate investor). If they are titles in an entity (LLC), try Visio Lending or Silver Hill Financial. Google each for their products.

I will like to know if your deal is still available for funding?. How much is the outstanding Mortgage and how much is the current Value of the Property? .Where is the Property Located?. We will be happy to assist you refinance your deal assuming its still available. Kindly get back and let us know. 916-520-4233