Sheets Woman in Real Estate Course - Posted by Linda

Posted by lea on March 04, 2002 at 16:57:45:

well then u answered your own ? if the orig workd and u have rave reviews then go for it. hard money? that is when it is borrowed at high interest?? from places other than banks right?? i really am curios to know how u got started please if u have any time tell me thanks lea ps yes i have the south bronx near by very low income area but who wants to buy there? i mean i would have to rent to peole who have no respect or pride of ownership and ruin everything. then again im sure there are descent people there to so who knows mayb i should look into it. however there would b section 8 to deal with and lots of other stuff. talk later lea

Sheets Woman in Real Estate Course - Posted by Linda

Posted by Linda on March 03, 2002 at 24:28:28:

I was thinking of purchasing Carlton Sheet’s “Women in REI” Course. Has anyone used it?

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Posted by evelyn on March 03, 2002 at 15:11:45:

Never heard of it…how did you hear of it and what is in the program exactly…other than women in RE?


Re: Sheets Woman in Real Estate Course - Posted by linda

Posted by linda on March 03, 2002 at 17:51:28:

The info came with my original purchase. I never gave it much thought. I am working on rehabs and seem to be getting some mixed comments like “women shouldn’t work with contractors”, & “Why don’t you have your husband call me.” Also a little concerned about “image” when asking for money. On the phone I’m great, but in person I’m not sure if I need to look like I can handle the work or if I should have that “polished” business image.

I grabbed this from Carlton’s website.


How to take advantage of your natural abilities
How to recognize personality types and produce win/win results
How to develop a “power team” support system for you
How to nurture your self-confidence, making it the cornerstone of your success
How to negotiate like a pro

How To Succeed As A Female Investor includes:
A full-length VHS video - $39.00


Re: Sheets Woman in Real Estate Course - Posted by lea

Posted by lea on March 03, 2002 at 19:01:05:

hi linda i have one ? for you. are you doing well w/carletons course now? i mean have you purchased any r.e. due to his course? if so then go for it, but if you havent succ. w/his course yet then why throw more money into it?
if you have done well w/his course could u answer this…? did you have good credit and or money to use *your own) also how much are the homes that you are buying? i live in NYC and the homes are over 250k and i have no credit actually i have very bad credit and no money to play with and no family to borrow from. i have found a house in my area that seems to be totally run down it is very out of place its horrible but i dont know how to approach the situation. or what to say, i have had sheets course for ovr ayear, but i have to reread it as i dont remember much.

Re: Sheets Woman in Real Estate Course - Posted by linda

Posted by linda on March 04, 2002 at 05:39:13:

I read sheets course cover to cover (twice) I bought the professional invesotors series and read every word of those twice too. I started following his week by week instructions, but soon found my own path. The course gave me a very solid “base” I understand the terminology now and I never would have gotten started without it. That said, Maybe I’ll cough up the 40 bucks & order the course.

I have decent credit. I don’t buy in “my” neighborhood. I found a financially run down neighborhood about 1/2 hour away. Maybe in NY you have to drive further, but I would try to find a MUCH lower cost area. It will be hard trying to start on $250,000 houses. I used hard money, so credit wasn’t an issue.