Sewer manhole located right behind house - Posted by Dan

Posted by Trevor on June 22, 2003 at 17:41:51:

Hi pal,

I really don’t think so. My neighbor also has a sewer slab located about 20 feet behind his house. If you are overly concerned about it you can soften it up with some flowers. I noticed several individuals in my neighorbood that have done it.


Sewer manhole located right behind house - Posted by Dan

Posted by Dan on June 22, 2003 at 15:36:26:

My family and I are looking for a house, and we looked at a house where the city has installed a sewer manhole maybe 10-15 feet behind the back of the house. Since we have kids, we dont care for the manhole, although if we can get a deal, we can find a way to live with the manhole.

My questions are, will having that manhole located in that spot make it tougher to sell the house down the road, and is there more of a chance of a rat problem due to the manhole and accompanying sewer main being located so close to the house?

Thanks for any responses!

Re: Sewer manhole located right behind house - Posted by Bandman

Posted by Bandman on June 22, 2003 at 17:47:52:

You shouldn’t have a problem with rats. If the house is part of a new development that the sewer line was built to serve, I’d be concerned about whether the trench was properly compacted while it was being backfilled. If the utility contractors don’t realize a building will be so close they might not put full effort into it. If the manhole is 6’ deep this won’t be a problem, if it’s 20’ deep it very well might. Also, the city will have an easement, probably 20’ wide, centered on the sewer pipe. You won’t be able to put decks, pools or any other permanent or semipermanent things in the easement.