Settlement help????? - Posted by Robin

Posted by Jack on July 09, 2000 at 02:51:11:

I don’t know which state you’re in Robin, but I live in Texas. On closing, the title company should prepare the deed. If you want a current copy, it’s recorded as an official document at the courthouse in your homes county.

The deed is the actual legal document representing your ownership (title to property) that is signed and transferred from you the seller to the buyer.

I would guess that your buyer is having a Title Search (or, researching the title, or may be called “abstract of title”) performed prior to settlement. This is either performed by the title company or an attorney. One of the two will go to the courthouse where the records of deeds are kept, and will read the history of your property to check for clouds on the title.

Why don’t you give the title company a call. I’m certain they will prepare the deed for transfer. Do you know if your deed is a “warranty deed,” or “quitclaim deed”? It’s probably a “warranty deed.”

Here’s some advice: It’s a good idea to have an attorney involved. He or she will look out for your interest.


Settlement help??? - Posted by Robin

Posted by Robin on July 08, 2000 at 08:26:47:

Im selling my property which has no mortgage.When I go to settlement do I need my title and or deed.And how do I get copies of each of those???

Please Help??