selling a mobile through a large MH agency - Posted by Don

Posted by Don on October 28, 2004 at 11:02:48:

In the San Diego area.

selling a mobile through a large MH agency - Posted by Don

Posted by Don on October 27, 2004 at 12:37:48:

I’m in S. California and want to sell my small trailer/calf. room, close to the beach. It’s an older park model but in good shape, rehabed a couple of years ago. I cannot rent it as the park does not allow. I’ve talked to RE people and all kinds of dealers to see which way to go. Many have told me to sell it myself as it can be sold like a car. The problem is, it will have to be cash in the twenties, and I do not want to finance it for many reasons. I figured after doing comps in my area what my place is worth and the dealers believe I’m correct on the amount. I’ve been told going with the manufacturing resale dealers is an almost last resort. Hope I’m not offending anyone out there, but can someone tell me the what the pitfalls could be by going this route and if there are real benefits. So far I don’t like the idea of being tied up for 4 months exclusively. We are 1 block from the beach in an area that has a shortage of spaces, but it has turned very cold for October and I’m beginning to feel it might take me or them 4 months or after the holidays to sell it anyway. Should I just wait? Or is there a chance they could sell it right away? Is there a way I could just pay a fee for agents to find me a buyer and I do the rest of the work or what? Obviously, I’m a newbie and I had lots of bites from my own marketing until the rain came!

Re: selling a mobile through a large MH agency - Posted by KD

Posted by KD on October 29, 2004 at 07:34:02:


I hate to tell you this, but Doc is right. We’ve just recently sold our DW here in MI for 60% less than our original asking price. We went through our parks Sales Office, and at this point I can say that I’m somewhat pleased with the results, but there has been ALOT of work on our part to get & keep the “ball rolling” with potential buyers. We will have to pay a small commission, but it’s worth it just to be done with the deal.

Wish you the best of luck.


California Dreaming - Posted by Dr. Craig Whisler CA

Posted by Dr. Craig Whisler CA on October 28, 2004 at 10:56:54:

You should consider this forum to be a “No Spin Zone” It won’t do you any good for us to mislead you into believing something that is highly unlikely to happen. We see hundreds of posts such as yours every year.

My personal opinion is that you don’t stand a snowball’s chance in Helena of selling you unit for ‘in the twenties’ all cash before you are old enough to qualify for your Social Security retirement benefits (assuming you are now in your twenties). I’m neither trying to be rude nor flip. I’ve been in this business all of my life, and have acquired and sold more than 500 mobile homes as a private investor. I live in Southern California and am familar with the beach cities’ markets. You are trying to make a retail priced sale for all cash and to do it by yourself. I believe your chances of accomplishing this just as you are dreaming of, are about one in a thousand, and that is giving you the benefit of any doubt.

You mobile is probably worth about 1/5 or less of what you think it is, so-called professional appraisals notwithstanding.

I know you won’t believe me. Just go ahead and try to sell it and come back to this board and let us know what happens. This is an open forum. Perhaps someone else can offer you more hope or better advice than I can, but don’t hold your breath.

There is only ONE reason why something doesn’t sell. That is the price. If you underprice it you will be mobbed by cash buyers. If you price it right you will sell it is a few weeks in this hot California market. If you price it too high as you have, in my opinion, you will NOT sell it no matter what you do or how long it takes you to do it.

I believe that to sell it yourself, for all cash, you will have to DRASTICALLY lower your value and price expectations.

I sincrely hope you, or someone else on this board, can prove me wrong.

Good luck, doc

Where in S. Cal are you exactly??? nt - Posted by Eli

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