Seller being present at showing.... - Posted by Amy

Posted by Greg(NJ) on July 19, 2005 at 16:59:11:

If the people who are signing with you have seen the house (I assume they have by now), I would hold the meeting else where. I would have a serious problem with the sellers being there. They should be concerned about what you are paying them to lease their house. Others may have a different take, that’s mine.

Seller being present at showing… - Posted by Amy

Posted by Amy on July 19, 2005 at 16:13:17:

Do you guys have some clever comment to get the seller to go do something while I show their house? I am uncomfortable discussing terms with the T/B on a sandwich lease purchase with the seller present. I used the “they get confused when they have to talk to two people” line and she’s like “what would they have to get confused about” …to which I said, well “my terms with them are different than my terms with you, but they don’t understand that…” anyways, she’s still going to be there tonight…SIGH… Usually this isn’t an issue, because no one is in the house. They still are. They’re a really nice older couple, and they don’t have a problem with me making money, but…gee whiz…

Re: Seller being present at showing… - Posted by FrankIL

Posted by FrankIL on July 20, 2005 at 11:30:38:

I usually tell the TB before we go into the house that I have purchased the property from the existing occupant who still resides in the property. I go on to explain that I will be giving them a tour but to please hold any financial questions on price and terms until we are finished and can speak privately outside. Then after the showing we go outside to their car across the street and I answer any questions they have. I try to frame it that I’m doing this so the TB can tell me what they don’t like about the house without hurting the feelings of the owner. But in reality I just want to get them outside so the seller doesn’t hear the higher price and terms I’m giving my TB.