Seller Away(Sandy-FL) - Posted by John Estell(Denver)

Posted by Sandy FL on October 29, 1998 at 01:23:57:

Hi John,
I dont know if you tried to correspond with me but my
old mailexcite address is history for some reason.
(Excite upgraded, and destroyed alot of addresses in
the process… go figure).

Anyway, first things first. First find out what the house is worth,
in top condition, in that neighborhood. Then find out what he owes
on it. Then find out if it needs any repairs, and THEN
worry about the price.

You need to know these things - comparable sales,
equity, and condition, before you think about what the
seller WANTS. Get that info and see if you have a deal
and then come back and post. Everyone here is glad to
help you. :slight_smile:

Sandy FL
*New email:

Seller Away(Sandy-FL) - Posted by John Estell(Denver)

Posted by John Estell(Denver) on October 28, 1998 at 10:26:48:

This owner is away in California. His property is in Denver. I talked to the broker and was told the person wants to get rid of the property but wants $4,000 out of it. It’s what he put into it to fix it up.
I was thinking of offering a higher interest rate for the $4,000 he wants. I’m new at it and trying to figure out an offer to come back at him. Please help. Sandy(FL) I hope you see this. But I’m interested in any ideas. Thanks.