Section 8 - Posted by pat

Posted by Kathleen Cory on March 25, 2002 at 19:27:30:

I have several Section 8 tenants. People that have a limited amount of income can apply. Usually these are people who are working but their income is still quite low. The section 8 people come and do a safety inspection on the apartment that the applicant wants to rent. If the apartment doesn’t pass, the landlord is sent a list of “to do” items. When these are fixed, Section 8 signs a lease with the landlord for one year. This is a standard lease. The rent amount is paid by them according to the income of the tenant. Sometimes the rent is split , with the tenant paying some portion and Section 8 paying the balance. It works out well for those people who may have trouble meeting rental obligations on their own. Usually the people who are on section 8 are very steady payers. They realize that if they don’t come up with their portion they have the government to answer to… as well as the landlord.

Section 8 - Posted by pat

Posted by pat on March 25, 2002 at 15:55:07:

Does anyone have a renter who is signed up under Section 8? It’s for low income folks, but it’s a mandatory payment. I cannot find too much on this via the internet. Besides the mandatory payment being terrific, does anyone else know what is ‘under’ the section 8? pluses? minuses? THanks

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Posted by CAjohnR on March 29, 2002 at 16:20:42:

I have several apartments under Section 8 .
It’s a bureaucracy!
The check for the govenment comes on the first of the month. That’s good. However…In Fresno, the Housing Authority DOES NOT ANSWER THE PHONE, so if you need someone to call for an explanation, or to re schedule an appointment, you are out of luck.
There are rent guidelines, and maximums, depending on your city. Tenants may pay 30-40 percent of their family income.
My last contract for $525/month had the renter paying $7 per month,
Setion 8 paying $518 for a 2-bedroom. apt.

You can imagine the staff is busy. Thewre are thousands of people trying to get ‘free money’.
Good luck, why not give it a try.