Section 8/Landlording Issue

I have not run into this situation before in a sec 8 rental and kind of want to run this by anyone here who has section 8 experience.

Is a landlord under an obligation to inform Sec 8 when a tenant does not pay their portion of the rent($22)? I have served the tenant with a 10 day notice. But I am afraid if i notify Sec. 8 they might stop paying the big portion. I dont want to evict just for $22.


You stand a good chance that section8 will not pay you and inform the tenant they may/ will lose their voucher. I work with the tenant and so far all have paid over the last 10 or so years.

Thanks Tony. I hope your new land/home book will include some info on Sec. 8.


T fears FHA the most

The T has a lot to lose in his Sec 8 eligibility so he’ll probably work with you in some kind of catch-up plan in order NOT to have that happen.

I’ve had a number of Sec 8 Ts and only one bad apple, a druggie who let my house get pretty well destroyed and did lose her Sec 8 and everything else too.