Sailing along and then............ - Posted by bo

Posted by bo on April 03, 1999 at 11:28:43:

Mine too!Not to dissapoint anyone,just to check someone elses credibility out.It’s hell to be a BWB,and say the right things.
Trying to “mind my own bussiness”,
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Sailing along and then… - Posted by bo

Posted by bo on April 03, 1999 at 06:43:22:

along comes this guy John T. Reed.He has’nt got to much good to say of others.Just of himself.Could someone help clear the “cloud”?I’m thinking of buying materials and this is not helping.It’s like dropping anchor for a second.I will pull it though and continue my “Cruise!”

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See JPiper’s John T. Reed (I do not recommend) - Posted by Baltimore BirdDog

Posted by Baltimore BirdDog on April 06, 1999 at 12:54:35:


If you want a good discussion of John T. Reed, search the archives for this post. Personally, I have to wonder how good a person’s material is if they have to bash everyone else in order to sell their stuff. It may be great, but there’s plenty of other great material out there, so why risk it?

I highly recommend the materials offered through this site. There’s enough here to keep you busy for quite a while. If you want to know whose is best, you can go to News Group II and read the posts and/or search the archives for this News Group. Lots of luck to you!


This newsgroup gets my vote!!! - Posted by SCook85

Posted by SCook85 on April 03, 1999 at 08:54:10:


I’m a little disappointed that someone would question what ALL the RESPECTABLE people of this newsgroup would say about the courses offered through this site because of what ONE CHILDISH and IMMATURE person who gets there kicks out of putting others down would have to say about them.
Take a vote, John Reed will lose by a landslide.


Re: Sailing along and then… - Posted by Laure

Posted by Laure on April 03, 1999 at 07:59:50:

There have been discussions, amoung investors, about Reed’s silly way of bashing other people. Many have noticed, and I personally am disappointed that a so-called adult would drop to this childish behavior in a public forum. There is enough business for everyone.

Laure :slight_smile:

Re: Sailing along and then… - Posted by Tim Jensen

Posted by Tim Jensen on April 03, 1999 at 07:24:05:


I do not like John T Reed, on a personal level. Besides that I think he has a some good information for a cheap price. If you can get past his arrogant ways he can be a good source of information.

One downfall of Reed is that he doesn’t have a newsgroup like this.

If you are new at RE I would buy Reed’s “How to Buy Property for 20% of Market”, then get a course or two from here in the area you want to concentrate in.

Also, there is a guy called H. Roger Neal. He has a book with some good information for investing.

Tim Jensen

Tim Jensen