Rust stains on MHomes - Posted by Doris Shanks

Posted by Jacque - WA on June 22, 2001 at 11:32:25:


Rust stains on MHomes - Posted by Doris Shanks

Posted by Doris Shanks on June 21, 2001 at 19:53:36:

Hi everyone -

I posted this on the Main Forum and it really should be on the MH Forum.

This info may help if you have a bad rust problem on a Mobile Home roof and/or sidewalls.


First - pressure wash the entire house including the roof and let dry.

Go to Home Depot or any good paint supply store and ask for a gallon of OSPHO. It should be about $20.00.

Pour the green liquid into a small hand sprayer and apply directly to the active rust areas. It should turn the rust black and arrest or stop the growth of the rust. It kills it.

Most of the chemical action takes place in the first twelve hours but you must leave it on for two days without rainfall.

After that, use a scraper or a wire brush to remove the chunky crusty rust stuff as much as possible. It doesnโ€™t have to be perfect. After that you can sealcoat the roof.

If you have active live rust areas on the sidewalls, treat them also. After two days you can begin spray painting.

If you have running rust on the sidewalls, that can be scrubbed off or pressure spraying should remove it.

Hope this is helpful. I got this information from a friend who is a park manager/investor so I know it works.