Russ Whitney Seminar - Posted by Regina Cannon

Posted by cmarshall on November 12, 1998 at 07:43:50:

Is anyone famaliar with Scott Britton’s course?

Russ Whitney Seminar - Posted by Regina Cannon

Posted by Regina Cannon on November 11, 1998 at 08:57:17:

I just attended that workshop last night. I enjoyed the presentation but was not able to come up with the fees for the training classes or the books. I would like to be involved in the real estate business. If anyone out there is willing to share how they got started and what avenues I need to follow, it would be appreciated.

Re: Russ Whitney Seminar - Posted by Wayne

Posted by Wayne on November 14, 1998 at 02:09:58:

R. Whitney’s course is good for beginners but you must specialize…my focus is lease options and options…no credit, no risk, no ownership, high profits…

Furthermore, R. Whitney program is really designed for upselling of various products such as boot camps and software…which are very expensive.

Do yourself a favor…to get a really good start…get a copy of Ron Legrand book…Fast Cash with Quick Turn Real Estate and pay close attention to the lease options and options chapter…it will pay off!!

Re: Russ Whitney Seminar - Posted by Tom pylant

Posted by Tom pylant on November 12, 1998 at 24:35:31:

Get Carleton Sheets course instead …
I bought both course’s and The Sheets course is far better it has alot more info …
you also need something to help you get going motivational wise … or you will end up like so many people putting the course on a bookshelf and forgetting it.
I recomend Anthony Robbins “Unlimited Power” course to help you get started unless you are an exceptional person who can already do it by yourself …
Theres even a 30 day free preview …
Sorry I dont have the number right now …

Re: Russ Whitney Seminar - Posted by Matthew Chan

Posted by Matthew Chan on November 11, 1998 at 15:28:30:

Get his book and Carleton Sheets course. It is far less expensive. Also, get a ton of other well-respected real estate books. They seem to all have a common theme and similar techniques.

The other part is probably motivational/success story books. They are needed to help push you forward.

Having gone through this in another industry, the bottom line is first getting the necessary knowledge to get out there. Classes & seminars are not always necessary to get the knowledge ESPECIALLY if finances are a challenge. As a matter of fact, I feel my time is best spent studying on my own many times and trying things.

Don’t stop your efforts. Look for alternatives to the seminar. There are plenty.

Good luck.

Re: Russ Whitney Seminar - Posted by Doris E. Shanks

Posted by Doris E. Shanks on November 14, 1998 at 10:35:29:

I agree with Wayne about reading Ron LeGrand’s

book. I attended both the Russ Whitney

seminar and the Ron LeGrand seminar. Both

were very interesting and I learned a lot and

it was nice to be able to compare the advice

of one with the other. However I think I

would choose the LeGrand book as being the

best for giving you clear understandable info

on the various ways you can get into this r.

e. investing game. His Lease Option section

is excellent and he clearly spells out the

difference between wholesaling junkers and

rehabbing junkers. I plan to do a Lonnie deal

soon and am waiting to receive his book on

mobile home deals. I know the info from

LeGrand’s book will help too. Doris