Russ Whitney Refund - Posted by Victor

Posted by roass on November 02, 2004 at 07:38:20:


Russ Whitney Refund - Posted by Victor

Posted by Victor on March 18, 1999 at 02:45:18:

I have recently tried to get a refund from Russ Whitney’s company(WIN! Systems, Inc.) I feel like I keep getting the run around. Has anyone out there been sucessful in getting a refund from this company.If so I’d love to hear you story!
If not, what have you done.

Re: Russ Whitney Refund - Posted by Keith Williams

Posted by Keith Williams on March 19, 1999 at 19:27:43:

I have had no luck, but I dealt with a Russ Whitney contractor doing coaching and selling Whitney courses out of Utah. I like Nick’s suggestion, and will give that a try.

Re: Russ Whitney Refund - Posted by Nick

Posted by Nick on March 19, 1999 at 08:36:30:

I wrote a letter to my congressman and explained in
the letter how I got ripped off. In about four weeks
I got a call from the Russ Whitney organization and
they called so they could cut me a check for their
worthless information.

Russ Whitney Refund = Oxymoron - Posted by Ben (IN)

Posted by Ben (IN) on March 18, 1999 at 23:20:44:

Good Luck. I think your money’s gone for good though.


Re: Russ Whitney Refund - Posted by Susanne Weir

Posted by Susanne Weir on March 01, 2005 at 13:04:08:

I never ordered a course, I never received anything and Win Systems billed $9000.00 to my MC. How do I get a credit back opnto my credit card.
Susanne Weir

Re: Russ Whitney Refund - Posted by Susanne Weir

Posted by Susanne Weir on March 01, 2005 at 13:03:59:

I never ordered a course, I never received anything and Win Systems billed $9000.00 to my MC. How do I get a credit back opnto my credit card.
Susanne Weir

Re: Russ Whitney Refund - Posted by jan

Posted by jan on May 09, 1999 at 10:00:41:

It amazes me how people like you just post “flat out” lie because you are anonymous on the internet. I have worked with Russ Whitney’s companies for 8 of the 15 years they have been in business. The accounting department has 15 people who process orders and/or refunds. For you to make the statement about Russ Whitney or the company not refunding,is like saying
Bill Gates did not give you a refund on your word processing software. At the Russ Whitney companies there are policies and procedures for refunds and complaints, just like at any other company. All procedures comply with the law. When you say ridiculous things like you did in your post you are not taking a shot just at Russ Whitney, you are saying that all of us who work at the company are incompetent and/or dishonest. I resent that. If you are from a competitor’s company and wish to be slanderous, why not just admit that instead of taking such a cowardly approach? Jan

ps: Russ Whitney’s companies have been in business for 15 years. We are a publicly traded company and have offices in 10 states and in Toronto Canada. We train as many as 8,000 students per week and have the highest success ratio of successfully trained students in our industry. Now you have some honest facts to work with.

Re: Russ Whitney Refund = Oxymoron - Posted by webmaster

Posted by webmaster on May 09, 1999 at 10:05:20:


We see your negative posts about the 'Russ Whitney companies all the time. However, when the posts refer to the companies honesty and integrity, you are going a bit too far. If you like a competitive company better, why don’t you just say so instead of hiding behind the anonimity of the internet.
Say who you really are as we do and tell the truth. WM of the Russ Whitney companies.

Re: Russ Whitney Refund - Posted by Jae Burnham

Posted by Jae Burnham on November 06, 2004 at 17:28:29:

Hello everyone,

I wanted to voice some concerns on those people that are negative with real estate gurus. People like John T. Reed who seem to have a real hard-on for Russ and others of is ilk.

Anger and hostility only show me one thing. That you have done something to the person you are slandering (liable actually as it is in writting).

I am sure there are those out there that have had unfavorable experiences with the gurus. Everybody is looking for something different. Then there are those guys that have benefited from the experience.

I agree that most of the gurus are are overpriced in there services. It would be better to sign up and participate in a local real estate investment club. These clubs are in almost every major city and they’ll hook you up to the real estate agents and money lenders that you’ll need in your career. You’ll also rub elbows with people much like yourselves. And you’ll get a good education as well.

Most of the people that are angery, from what I have found, were looking for the midas touch and that they want to have handed to them on a silver platter their wealth, with no work. Real life doesn’t work that way. You, the individual, need to act. The guru is not going to make you rich: you are.

There is an old adage: " you can’t talk to and angry man." This is so true. They are all liars. They will not tell the truth. However, there are those that have legitmate complaints, and these people usually don’t get mad, nor are they out for blood when asking for a refund, etc. They recoginze that they made a mistake and go on about their lives.

A little while ago I had a communication cycle with an interesting individual that was nattering away about some guru (Marc Stephen Garrison). He was very angry to say the least. I laid into him but good. He did go into communication for a little bit. What I found from him was that he had never used Marc’s data or have ever met him. He heard something about this chap from a roommate and did some “computer research” and published his “findings” to the whole world. What he may have written could have been all true, I don’t know. What I do know was that this individual had no personal experience with Marc at all, yet he was slandering the crap out of him. The guy didn’t even invest in real estate.

Why had this guy opened his mouth in the first place? He was just a choas merchant and wanted to stir up trouble. This guy was just suppressive.

A funny thing happened at the end of the banter back and forth. I had asked this guy that was bad mouthing Marc to come up with a solution to what he was saying; to take some responsibility for all “these back stabbing gurus” out there. I never heard from him again and still haven’t to this very day.

There are people out there they have some real evil intentions on you. They can’t stand it when you or somebody else does well. They can’t attack you but they can attack those that will teach you. It is easy to spot these chaps. They will talk in generalities. They do this to make it look like everyone is against those they are after, they will constantly go after the wrong source, i.e. a little boy breaks the cookie jar they yell at the dog - wrong target, and so on.

Here is some advice for you. Stay in enthusiasim and go get whta you want. Anyone that preachs defeatism or is negative get rid of them. And look out for the hypocrites, these two-faced people are the worst of the lot. Oh they seem all well and nice, but turn your back and they ensure that a knife is stuck in it.

I have been mentoring people in business for many years now. I know how to spot the people that will bring you down": I know how to make you successful. If you want then just contact me and I’ll do what I can to help you get to where you want to go. Of course I normally charge for my services, but I can see now that if I do that those very same people that are slandering these gurus will use this against me, so this is what I will do: I will coach/mentor you at no cost, however if you feel my services are worth the trouble you then pay what they are worth to you. If you don’t think they are worth anything then fine, don’t pay me. That fair?

Now to you that are just trying to cause trouble: Shut up.

Jae Burnham