Ron LeGrand Material????? - Posted by Littleguru

Posted by Peter_MD on January 14, 2003 at 11:28:19:

Hey Littleguru:

You asked many questions on the same post…and I’m still scratching my head as to why you are asking these questions.

Products offered on this website are the best available. There are many different authors and multiple products from each author.

I have personally used all of Ron LeGrand’s information to include reading, listening to cassette tapes, listening to CDs, and watching the videos. However, to quantify, I have also done the same for Bill Bronchick, Louis Brown, John Ulmer, as well as several others. Some I liked better than others, but you asked specifically about Ron LeGrand.

I, personal opinion, think Ron is the King when it comes to real estate investing. He produces top quality products for learning and he goes the extra yard to explain in layman’s terms, what he is trying to teach. His products have been tested (and have stood the test of time) and have become, over time, more valuable than when they were first issued.

I don’t think you could ever go wrong with anything Ron has published.

Ron LeGrand Material??? - Posted by Littleguru

Posted by Littleguru on January 13, 2003 at 23:09:53:

Yes I’m a newbie. I’ve been reading all sorts of these posts and got a few books from the library but it seems more difficult to pull all the info out of these some out dated books. I was going to try to do the cheap old fashioned way LIBRARY but it seems the material needed is layed out better in some of these Ron Legrand courses.

Are they worth it oN ebay for 200$ per course Wholesale/ retail–lease/options or fsob and if so recommend one to me that you have personally used to make money as an REI.

And is their enough info in these courses alone or even the boot camp videos to learn how to make a deal ??? Please help

I want to start in the most logical direction!! THANKYOU

Whats better videos, courses, or not legrand at all. will this be enough info to get the show on the road!!!

Re: Ron LeGrand Material??? - Posted by Wes (DFW-TX)

Posted by Wes (DFW-TX) on January 16, 2003 at 11:56:39:

Hi Littleguru,

As a “newbie” myself (no “action” taken yet, still in the education phase), I believe how one gets started is based on one’s personality and how one learns anything, in general.

Here’s my take on beginning to “learn” how to get started in REI - and in “taking action”…

If you are of the personality type to “just get out there and figure it out” (probably a “Type A” personality), then you should just get out there and “do it” and you’ll learn “on the way”, along with resources such as this web site (and other good REI web sites out there). This person needs no external motivation or encouragement - it is all internal. * This is the least expensive route. :slight_smile:

If you are of the personality type that can read/study information and then “take action” on it, overcoming any “fear” about whether it will work out or not they you’ve read about it - then you can begin by reading all you can (message boards, “how to” articles, etc.) multiple times over (as many recommend) from this and other REI web sites. Post questions to this message board (and others), and read a few REI books and read/listen to one or more REI course materials to get you started. This person needs some external motivation and encouragement, but can get the amount needed from the message boards, e-mail, and via phone conversations. * This is a somewhat expensive route. :expressionless:

If you are of the personality type that is more fearful before being able to “take action” - possibly the “analysis paralysis” mentality, then you will probably be looking for the motivation and encouragement that one gets from something like a more costly “seminar” and/or “boot camp” and you will probably want/need some “mentoring”. And, this is in addition to reading as much as you can from the several REI web sites, books, etc. * This is the most expensive route. :frowning:

I personally feel that I fit into this last category. This is why I am in the process of finding a local mentor. I also will soon be purchasing materials from and attending John Burley’s “Boot Camp”. If you fall into this last category as I do, I would recommend John Burley’s “Boot Camp” and other materials.

I first learned about John Burley by reading a few of Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad” series of books, specifically the 2nd book in the series titled, “CASHFLOW Quadrant”. I am most impressed with John Burley ( and his “system”. He is still an “active” real estate investor and so he “Walks His Talk”. He owns several businesses, as well as real estate and paper investments (stocks, bonds, etc.). I believe that much of what Robert Kiyosaki talks about in relation to both REI and investing (in general - not just RE investing), debt reduction, indeed “wealth building” (primarily in his 2nd book, "CASHFLOW Quadrant), is based on John Burley’s information and materials. Robert Kiyosaki said in that book that John Burley was “…considered one of the brightest minds in the world of real estate.”. Check out his web site, you’ll see why he made that statement. He even has his own message boards (Discussion Forums) where you get great amounts of free advice from posters, like from this and other good REI web sites.

John Burley has the “complete package” in a “system”, from what I’ve read about his and other REI gurus’ systems. Don’t get me wrong, many other REI gurus’ systems are very good too (like those on this site - of which John Burley is included - and many others), it’s just that he covers so much more than just a few real estate investing “niches”. He not only discusses the many real estate investing techniques available (not just a few niches), he also talks about:

  • The 7 Levels of Investors; 7 Steps to Financial Freedom
  • Has a debt reduction plan for anyone to use for getting out of debt (including your house and cars) in 3-7 years
  • Explains how to use Corporations, LLC’s, Trusts, and other ways to protect and shelter your money and reduce the amount of taxes paid on your assets
  • Explains how to give back a portion of what you make (to charities, churches, etc.) as part of your wealth responsibilities
  • Explains the importance of and how to create an Automatic Investment Plan (AIP) for long-term wealth building for your living on in your retirement, etc.
  • Etc., etc.!

It has been said of his primary training material, “…is the most successful Real Estate Training ever produced in the United States. The success rate of students attending this training is four times greater than the industry average. It was this training that led Robin Leach of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous fame to proclaim John Burley as one of the Premier Investors in America.”.

I haven’t attended his “Boot Camp” - YET (my wife and I both plan on attending his next Boot Camp in May). You can read more details here:

Here is a “snippet” from his web site about what his Boot Camp has to offer: “…during my Advanced Investing Boot Camp I do a hands-on, go-out-in-the-field-and-make-it-happen training that is an experience of a lifetime. Students will be doing deals and making money. My guest instructors are top investors with impressive track records. Each day students will spend quality time in the field. Each student will have the opportunity to work ‘hands-on’ with field trainers.”.

…how’s that for “walking the talk”?!

He seems to be a man of integrity - and that flows over into his “system” (many of the posts on his message boards speak of this as well, including comments from his last “Boot Camp” that was in October 2002). In fact, integrity is very much a part of being a “Level 5 Investor” (which includes real estate investors).

Most impressive!

I would also recommend reading Ronald Starr’s most recent “Beginners Success” post from this message board here:

Happy Investing & Good luck!

Wes (DFW-TX)

Re: Ron LeGrand Material??? - Posted by ronald rye

Posted by ronald rye on January 15, 2003 at 21:03:18:

If you’re not sure about Ron you can buy his $50 intro package. I’ve had it for years. It’s got some audios and a book. It’s always good to start out small if you’re not sure. It’s probably still on SDI’s webpage or maybe at ebay. It’s called the cash-flow generator

Good Luck!

Re: Ron LeGrand Material??? - Posted by Steve

Posted by Steve on January 15, 2003 at 19:01:10:

As a former student of Ron LeGrand he is the best in the business. If you can get his course for $200 I would get it fast.

I’ve done a lot of deals because of Ron.