Ron LeGrand and Success Dev Intl (SDI) - Posted by M. B.

Posted by Jackie in Dallas on November 25, 1998 at 19:57:13:

Ron Legrand’s materials are some of the best on the market - and YES it really does work!

I always recommend starting with “Flipping” or wholesaling. It allows you to get familiar with the market and negotiating real estate transactions WITHOUT much cash - WITHOUT risk (if done properly) - and absolutely NO credit.

Keep reading the posts on the newsgroup and all the how-to articles and you’ll learn enough to get you started. If you have questions, feel free to post them and you’ll get plenty of answers - it’s kind of like on-the-job-training!

Stay tuned for my FREE How-to articles about getting started with Flipping - it should be posted soon.


p.s. - Just a little example of a “flip” deal I did last month - wrote a contract to buy a house for $30,000 took home a check 3 weeks later for $24,165.

Ron LeGrand and Success Dev Intl (SDI) - Posted by M. B.

Posted by M. B. on November 25, 1998 at 12:23:39:

What can someone tell me about Ron LeGrand? The more information the merrier. I just got through reading his book on quick-turn real estate. it was helpful and largely informative. but of course, there are always more books, tapes, videos and courses to attend. Has anyone bought any of his seminars or participated in one of his boot camps? Are they expensive? Are they worthwhile and will they help you to immediately go out and do flips and other creative deals? Are boot camps necessary or can one learn from other books and self-study tapes and seminars? I really hate to spend another big load of money for more information and tail chasing. Ron seems legitimate and knowledgeable, but there are so many courses and gurus out there, which one do you follow? Now I’m told there’s a kevin meyers who does flipping books and seminars. what are those like? is one teacher or guru necessarily better than the other? before i make the mistake of investing more money into another course or program, i would welcome any and all feedback on the subject of Ron LeGrand, quick flipping and related topics. Thanks to all for whatever input and experiences you can share!!! Happy Thanksgiving!