Residential Land Development - Posted by keith hutson

Posted by Ed Copp on January 04, 2004 at 20:15:04:

If you really want some help you might start by at least telling us where. At least what state, or what country if that is applicable. You seem to know what you want to build (from another post), so you might tell us if you ever did it before. When the secrecy goes away then you will probably get some input.

Residential Land Development - Posted by keith hutson

Posted by keith hutson on January 04, 2004 at 16:41:13:

Hello all:

I have a gentleman who has been in land development as well as residential home building.

I have several possibilities for development here in my area for land that is in one of the growth corridors. We are experiencing much growth due to : low labor costs, good climate, trucking hub, solid port activity etc.

I would like to team up with him but need financing. In other words he would be interested in working with me but I need to line up financing. Does anyone know of private sources who may be interested in a A&D loan and also receive part of the profit? I would like to know of sources if anyone can help me.

This land is about 100 acres adjacent to developing areas and much more is slated by our planning commission to take place and already is fulfilling part of them.

I hope someone can offer suggestions.

Keith Hutson