RENTAL MH - Posted by Charles

Posted by joe–ga on November 15, 2009 at 06:24:30:

I would first check with the local zoning board, if its like it is here around atlanta, if someone HAS land, they cant do anything with it for the zoning laws…but they still expect you to pay your taxes…

check with the local mobile home dealers and see if they have any trade ins they will sell you CHEAP, remember, whatever they ask is profit most of the time, because they have already found their victim and sold them a new one, they got their money there…They might even move them to your lot and set them up…for a good price to get them off their lot…if not there, ask around the banks, finance companies, ect… or look in your local shopper magazine that circulates.(if any) truck trader— the newspaper–ect.let us know how it worked out for ya.

RENTAL MH - Posted by Charles

Posted by Charles on November 14, 2009 at 22:35:12:

I have two paid off multifamily lots in Pahrump Nevada and I am thinking of
putting at least two MHs for a rental cash flow. I do not have much cash on hand
for a down payment for two MH. Is it better for me to find foreclosed MH and
move it there or buy new ones. Do you know lenders that would work with my