Reconveyance doc needed from Security pacific Bank

I’m trying to buy a house from a friend of mine. His mom willed the house to him and told him that she paid of a loan with Security Pacific Bank many years ago. Title can’t find the reconveyance and Security Pacific Bank got shut down by the FDIC. Title and escrow don’t know where to even search to find out what happened to that loan. We can’t close unless title is clear. Can someone help point me to the right direction?


Phong Le

All depends on where you are. If you are in a major city like Los Angeles they can go through the vault grantor/grantee records and find the old original deed and work from there forward.

In a smaller city it may be difficult but complete records are kept everywhere.

Go to your recorder’s office and ask them for assistance.

It may take some time and LOTS of effort but property records are not destroyed.

And, if it was indeed paid off it is on record.

If not most states have a statute of limitation on debt and if it was not paid then the statue probably has run and it can be cleared this way.

Ask a local title company - you may be able to purchase what’s called a “lost instrument bond” that covers the lost paperwork.