Realtor Impact - Posted by Edward

Posted by John Behle on April 17, 2000 at 18:16:32:

Using “paper” as a Realtor is highly advantageous. You can close easily 90% more transactions and structure deals that better suit your client’s needs from a tax, security and cash flow standpoint.

There are several articles I have written about using paper as a Realtor and working with them. See the articles posted at this website titled “Paper - your most valuable tool” and “Be the Paper Pro”.

You mention using these tools “to make a real impact in my field”. I’m not sure if that is as an agent or an investor. As an agent, paper is a powerful tool.

As an investor - the tools and resources an agent has like MLS access, etc. can be very valuable. I use the MLS to find notes, defaulted notes, find comps, develop email and mailing lists, identify active brokerages and agents and find good properties.

The MLS doesn’t work the same in every area, so what works and how I do things on my system doesn’t apply in other states.

If you want to give me more details on what area you want to use notes in, I can give you more details on tools and techniques you can use.

Realtor Impact - Posted by Edward

Posted by Edward on April 13, 2000 at 15:53:59:

I am a Realtor and investor in south Florida where things are very competitive. I learned what I know about the note business from Howard Cook, a truly brilliany man. The problem, which was my own, is that I never was able to grasp the practical side of the business----making a living at it. I must say that I am impressed with what I have read of your comments on various bulletin boards. My impression is that the brokering of notes just makes you someone else’s employee again. At my age, I am not looking to do that. The money and future wealth is in keeping them and borrowing against, an idea you seem to have a very firm grasp of. My question is, as a Realtor, how can I best utilize the resources I have(MLS, expired listings, etc) to make a real impact in my field. Again, thank you. If we never do “business” together, my impression is that you are honest and trying to help others; two qualities highly respected.