REAL ESTATE GURUS ARE A JOKE!!! - Posted by michael

Posted by Tom L. on September 28, 2003 at 10:00:38:

Please allow me to offer a word of caution about an ebay product: “Real Estate Bargains Now” I bought it for $51, didn’t get ebay insurance, wish the heck I did. Found it to be virtually useless for me, asked for my money back. no way. If you get it, I strongly recommend ebay insurance.

REAL ESTATE GURUS ARE A JOKE!!! - Posted by michael

Posted by michael on September 23, 2003 at 01:43:51:

As someone who actively invests in real estate and owns several properties, and also someone who “resells” real estate programs, I have listened to dozens of programs over the years. I can easily pick up an older Sheets Program for under $10 and picked up the Russ Whitney program for around $7 at a thrift store. It amazes me the high prices that some people pay for the latest or newest program (upwards of $250 for the Sheets program) and why someone would want to pay $1500 for a boot camp is beyond me, although I do think that there is some value in connecting with other real estate investors who attend a seminar. Most of the info is recyled and common sense. WHAT IS EVEN MORE AMAZING IS THE VAST MAJORITY OF PEOPLE NEVER USE THE INFORMATION. They never invest in a property, they are always pursuing their education. IMHO for a person who wants to get started in real estate the library is the best place to start. Get Robert Allens book there “Nothing Down for the 90s” as well as Al Lowry’s book on becoming Financially Independent in R.E. Barnes and Nobles has many many books on real estate investing for under $30. SAME INFORMATION-- DIFFERENT PACKAGING. THEN GET OUT THERE AND DO THE DEALS! That is where to start. just my thoughts

Re: REAL ESTATE GURUS ARE A JOKE!!! - Posted by Dale W.

Posted by Dale W. on September 25, 2003 at 23:29:21:

Hi Michael, I got a copy of "How you can become financially independent by Investing in Real Estate by Albert J. Lowry from my local library…the book looks Great but it was last updated in 1981…should I take the time to read it or would all of the info. be outdated by now ???

Also reading some books by Peter Conti & David Finkel on Purchase Option Investing,which I can hardly put down !!! Dale W.

Re: REAL ESTATE GURUS ARE A JOKE!!! - Posted by Bob Taylor

Posted by Bob Taylor on September 23, 2003 at 08:33:50:

Different strokes for different folks. Some want to be reallllly prepared to succeed and lets nothing stand in their way. I am one of those people. I have probably spent, in the last 3 years, $40,000.00 on my realestate investing career.

I get in back in less than 2 months, average. You figure.

Just let us poor suckers spend our hard earned money. It has certainly been worth it for me. And, I continue to buy and progress. I wouldn’t do it any other way.

Good luck, and, good investing,
Bob Taylor…Alabama

Re: REAL ESTATE GURUS ARE A JOKE!!! - Posted by Dale W.

Posted by Dale W. on September 23, 2003 at 02:43:04:

Hi, Thanks for the insight. I got excited while seeing an infomercial of Carleton Sheets…so I went to the library first! They have tons of stuff and a few of the books you mentioned ! Any other tips for a newbie are very welcome…email me ! Thanks! Dale

Re: REAL ESTATE GURUS ARE A JOKE!!! - Posted by mike

Posted by mike on September 25, 2003 at 23:49:22:

The basic ideas in real estate investing do not change although there may not be any more assumable loans and both interest rates and prices change. There is much to learn from the old stuff. In fact one of the best books in real estate investing is by William Nickerson “How I turned $1000 into a million in real estate in my spare time” This book sells upwards of $75 on Amazon and was originally published in 1959. Why is it so good? He gives details of actual deals instead of hype and unrealistic expectations. I am certainly not slamming all the experts out there. There is a lot of stuff that is reasonably priced. Reasonably priced for me is $50-$75 for a book, and no more than $150 a day for a seminar. I have heard good things about Peter Conti and David Finkel. My point is this, too many people purchase seminar after seminar and do nothing, and too many experts push program after program for prices in that add up to thousands. Even the good information can be had for much less. I generally like the people who sell things on this web site and have purchased some good things here. Good luck

Re: REAL ESTATE GURUS ARE A JOKE!!! - Posted by Willie

Posted by Willie on September 29, 2003 at 21:02:27:

Yes and you could probably been almost $40,000.00 richer had you used all the free information available to you, like this site etc., etc., instead of spending such a large amount on so called Gurus’ seminars.

Re: REAL ESTATE GURUS ARE A JOKE!!! - Posted by michael

Posted by michael on September 23, 2003 at 23:37:00:

Mr. Taylor, You are the exception! Good for you for spending money on education that really matters. My point is that most of the real estate guru stuff is overpriced and lacking in REAL information. Most people do not take action. The basic stuff works for people on the average for a fraction of the price they pay. I also want to give my own exception to the rule. Joe Kaiser’s Mechanic’s Lien system is a fresh idea where you can make a lot of money. Perhaps you can tell us what programs you found particularly good for real estate investing or your own twist on what area you have found lucrative in real estate investing.

Re: REAL ESTATE GURUS ARE A JOKE!!! - Posted by Bob Taylor

Posted by Bob Taylor on September 30, 2003 at 08:28:12:

No, I look at it like I have stated before. I wanted to do it “NOW”. So, the way it really is, I wanted to do it now, I got my info now, and, I did now. I probably never would have done it had I not gotten the training I did.

Anyway, this has gone on long enough. I need to be looking at houses.

Some of us want to, and, do. Some of us can, and, some of us can’t. I could , and, did.

Good luck, and, good investing,
Bob Taylor…Alabama

Re: REAL ESTATE GURUS ARE A JOKE!!! - Posted by Bobby L. Taylor

Posted by Bobby L. Taylor on September 24, 2003 at 09:03:30:


Don’t lay such a heavy burden on the Gurus. If somebody (potential investor) buys a course or material from a Guru and leaves it in a box, never tries it, that is not the Gurus fault. However, that should be a definite signal to the buyer-I don’t like this stuff, I don’t understand it, I can’t(will not) make it work, etc…Please don’t spend any more money for something they you(they)will never use and then find countless reasons why it didn’t work, never mind their own admission that THEY DIDN’T WORK!

I started my education with a guy named Ed Beckley-kind of a forerunner to Mr. Sheets- who has long since been out of the picture. I have acquired many current day Gurus material. But, the best info for me, personally, has been from Ron Legrand. I bought his three mods initially, and, have gone on to buy just about everything he sold at SDI. I have been to numerous SDI boot camps, while Ron was there, and I never looked back at anything I bought. Even to this day I buy materials and attend work shops or whatever the current description is.

I never intended to fail, I intended to win. I did what ever the teacher said the best possible way I could do it. Not everything that I have done works. Surprise, surprise. But, I don’t quit trying.

I attended a$3,000.00 work shop in the early part of this summer. My wife wanted to know why I was going,one of my mortgage brokers wanted to know why I was going. That thought I knew it all. Well, I am smart enough to know that I don’t know it all. I must continue to learn. And, so will any successful business person.

I just went to see my cancer doctor. I learned he had just been to a convention. I wonder why. I thought he knew it all. Well, if he goes and learns I guess I am not such a klutz after all.

I currently concentrate on pretty houses, taking subject to. If I can’t get the deed I don’t get the house. There is usually some fix up, usually some payments to make up, but, that is where I have found that I am most comfortable. I usually generate 20-25k net per house. I average about 1 per month.

I hope this helps.

Good luck, and, good investing
Bobby Taylor…Alabama

Re: REAL ESTATE GURUS ARE A JOKE!!! - Posted by Willie

Posted by Willie on September 30, 2003 at 11:24:00:

Good for you, but I definitely would not recommend that for the average newbie. I believe and have experienced that you can get all you need just as fast without paying rip off prices for it.

Re: REAL ESTATE GURUS ARE A JOKE!!! - Posted by Tom L.

Posted by Tom L. on September 24, 2003 at 15:39:40:

Of course it is true that as adults we are responsible for either using or not using the information obtained from the Gurus or anywhere else. It is just as true that when the Gurus know that the majority, or even a very large percentage of their pupils are not putting it together, they (the Gurus) are equally as responsible. Responsibility is a two way street. It is all too easy to put the “blame” on only one of the responsible parties. In my view, blame can be and probably always is irresponsible, but, heck, lets not get onto a course in Ontology or nothin’ okay. Point? The Gurus are responsible too. And if they ever acknowleged that it could potentially cost them a bunch of money, so I would predict that the blame will continue as is.

Re: REAL ESTATE GURUS ARE A JOKE!!! - Posted by Patrick Knock

Posted by Patrick Knock on October 07, 2003 at 06:10:29:

I ca’nt believe you people think a whopping $200 is too much to ask for CDs, books, forms, and videos out the whazoo. Get a grip. There ai’nt no free lunch baby.

Re: REAL ESTATE GURUS ARE A JOKE!!! - Posted by Bobby Taylor

Posted by Bobby Taylor on September 24, 2003 at 17:40:40:


I don’t think a Guru should have any concern about whether a student uses their goods or not. If he(the Guru) has a lousy program, then they should either make the needed changes or quit selling it. That is kind of like holding the auto makers responsible for the accidents that careless, reckless drivers have and cause. It is not the auto makers problem unless there a design problem or some other problem with fabrication that causes the problem. They can’t help how I drive their auto. It is also like holding the cigarette makers responsible for people smoking ther cigs when it says right on the package “This is going to kill you”.

I think we should be responsible about what we buy and must pay the consequences if “WE” don’t perform. We should, also, do as much background checking before we spend our hard earned money. If we are not satisfied with what we find, or, cannot find out enough information to cause us to make an informed decision, then do not spend the money. I happen to know money is hard to get back. There are too many clauses sometimes to even try. I have spent a lot of money buying courses ,and boot camps, but, I have never bought anything over $1,000.00 that I didn’t get information from users that were using the product before I wrote the check. If the Guru starts talking about the “Privacy” act(and I do respect other peoples privacy) then I figure I probably don’t need his product. He probably has something he doesn’t want me to know about. Next.

Well, I didn’t mean to ramble, and, I am not a Guru, I am mentor, but, I do not solicit mentees, nor, do I have any courses to sell. I just think we should act like responsible adults when we make decisions.

Good luck, and, good investing,
Bobby Taylor…Alabama

Re: REAL ESTATE GURUS ARE A JOKE!!! - Posted by Tom L.

Posted by Tom L. on September 26, 2003 at 13:29:46:

Yes. I get your point. I just think you fail to get mine. I do not disagree about the responsibility of the buyer. I for one do not get any satisfaction from selling something that I know is largely going down the tubes, so to speak. I would have to be placing far too much value (I say) on the money. A man truly can gain the world and lose his soul. I’m sorry to put you on the defensive as a mentor. I can certain understand, and I would not run out and quit my job right now. It’s just food for thought, like a brick in the lap, just let it fall off. Maybe it’s info that will be more of value somewhere down the road. I’m 60 years old and have shifted my values around a couple of time, at least. Best wishes.

Re: REAL ESTATE GURUS ARE A JOKE!!! - Posted by mickeyd

Posted by mickeyd on September 25, 2003 at 20:03:28:

I agree with everyone on this, education is important, but no need to spend thousands. Go to ebay and search “real estate” or “no money down” or such, spends 50.00 to 100.00 bucks and your on your way!