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Posted by Lynn (AL) on March 19, 1999 at 12:45:02:


Do you mail, Fax, or hand deliver this flyer? Do you give one to ALL the agents in an office, or just one for them to pass around?

Lynn (AL)

Real Estate Flyer - Posted by MN~Chicago

Posted by MN~Chicago on March 18, 1999 at 23:46:28:

I an readily willing to share this flyer
if it can help anyone, or be the basis
for a better one.


What would it mean to your income if you were to
increase your current level of sales? Whether it
is one additional sale per month or one per
quarter, it would be welcomed.

How many times have you heard about, or experienced
the following situation: You have a sales
agreement and everything looks great…until the
financing begins to unravel. You try to save it
with seller financing, but the seller needs money
to purchase another house. The deal falls through…
you lose a sale.

We have a solution! Now you can put yourself in a
better position to make sure the buyer buys the
property. How? Have the seller take back a note
from the buyer. The seller can then sell the note,
or even just a portion of it, for cash. The buyer
gets the house they want; the seller gets their
needed cash, and you close an additional deal…
the one that could have gotten away.

You become more professional being able to use
notes. You need to educate your sellers on how
seller financing can attract more buyers and help
sell their home faster. You need to show your
buyers how this can help them buy the home they
want. We can help you do that.

You get your full commission. You close more
deals, and faster. You help more people, and
you make more money.

(Your company) can help you do more business
using notes. We can help you use the incredibly
powerful tool of discounted paper, a truly
creative way to close more of your deals. When
you think creating a note can help make your
sale, call (Your company) right away and close
another deal. Taking action is the only way
to get results.


That’s it. The spacing is better than
this post. What I like about it is that
no one would get the sense that I have
never done a note deal in my life. At
least it gives an entree into generating
a discussion with the sales manager.

I have only used it twice, and it worked
both times. John is right. For as little
as you may know, they know far less.

Good luck.

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