Real Estate and Business Funding

Major Money Solutions provides a wide range of solutions for real estate investors and business owners. We fund you when the banks say no.


1–4-unit investment property
Fix and Flip loans
Multi-Family loans
Mixed use loans
Commercial Property
Land loans


Equipment funding
Truck and Heavy Equipment funding
Working Capital
Business Acquistion
Accounts Receivables (AR) funding
GAP funding
Cost Segregation
Retirement Rollover

We can close in 30 days or less if needed, providing you give us everything needed up front.
We also do all states.

Major Money Solutions loan amounts are 300K to 100M. Min credit score is 650. Our job is to analyze your scenario to make sure it makes sense to fund or take your business to the next level to operate efficiently. We care about your deal and want to see you funded.

Contact me, tell me your scenario or your business needs, I will tell you what information, paperwork and documents you have to submit. We will have an answer asap!

Andrea Colbert

Hi there, I’m gearing up to dive into the world of real estate by starting my own business. However, I find myself facing a common challenge: securing enough funding to get things off the ground smoothly.

I’m eager to get business financing advice from the experience ones. What advice do you have for someone like me, looking to embark on this exciting but capital-intensive journey? Whether it’s tips on securing loans, navigating investment options, or creative financing strategies, your insights would be invaluable.

Real estate and business funding are crucial aspects of economic development and growth. Real estate funding involves acquiring capital to purchase, develop, or renovate properties for various purposes such as residential, commercial, or industrial use. On the other hand, business funding pertains to securing financial resources to start, expand, or sustain operations of a company. Both are interconnected, as successful businesses often rely on real estate for their premises. Access to adequate funding is essential for entrepreneurs and investors to thrive in the competitive real estate and business landscapes, enabling them to capitalize on opportunities and drive economic progress.

Hello, I’m preparing to venture into the real estate industry by launching my own business. Yet, I’m encountering a common obstacle: obtaining sufficient funding to initiate operations smoothly.

I’m keen on receiving business financing guidance from those with experience. What recommendations can you offer to someone like me, who is eager to embark on this thrilling yet capital-intensive journey? Whether it’s advice on obtaining loans, navigating investment opportunities, or exploring creative financing strategies, your insights Artificial Grass Glasgow would be immensely valuable.

It seems like Major Money Solutions offers a wide range of funding solutions for real estate investors and business owners, covering various property types and business needs. They prioritize quick turnaround times and cater to a broad range of credit scores, with loan amounts ranging from $300K to $100M. If you’re interested, you can contact them with your scenario or business needs to start the process.

I have a deal I want funding for. Will multiple hard or private money lenders respond? How many points and closing costs will they charge?