Real Estate Agent on Cash Flow - Posted by DanielB

Posted by Ed Copp on December 12, 2003 at 12:58:24:

No fine line at all. A note is not real estate. It may be secured by real estate but it is personal property. The note can be purchased at a discount, and resold without anything at all to do with real estate licensing. They are two different things, like apples and oranges are not the same.

Most of the time note info is public record. There may be an occasion where you might gain some insight to a private matter, but most often the information is in the public domain.

It may be possible to buy the mortgage and note on a property that is listed, or even owned by your competetion. That could get interesting.

Real Estate Agent on Cash Flow - Posted by DanielB

Posted by DanielB on December 12, 2003 at 12:23:45:

Greetings everyone,
I’m a real estate agent in WA state. I’m wondering if any other agents out there have adressed the legalities of working on the cash flow side of purchasing discounted notes while practicing real estate? What are the liabilities? Might this be considered “double dealing”?
How does an experienced broker such as yourselves walk this fine line?
Thank you much