Real Estate 2021 Trends

Nowadays, my company is working on making Real Estate Plan for 2021. I need suggestions regarding the Trends which will be followed in the Real Estate industry in 2021.

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Considering the effects the pandemic had on the economy as a whole, many people expected the real estate market to be affected in much the same way as it had in 2008-2009. The months passed and that huge drop or market crash did not come. Many people postponed their plans to move into a new home hoping that prices will drop and housing will become much more affordable. The wait was prolonged, but the thing is, it’s possible that the housing market crash won’t come for a while. What happened now does not follow the same pattern as what happened in 2008-2009, so it’s safe to say that the real estate trends of 2021 will continue on as they have for the last few years, with prices appreciating at a relatively normal pace.