Reached my pain limit - Posted by Noelle

Posted by Dr. raig Whisler CA on April 27, 2002 at 19:58:59:

Forgot to tell ya, Noelle, about 20-25 successful lady investors attend the average meeting.

The monthly meetings are held at:

Radison Maingate Hotel,
1850 So. Harbor Blvd Anaheim CA
It is located about 1 block south of Disneyland just south of Katella Admission $20, registration starts @ 6:30 PM, Meeting starts at 7:00PM. Some of the members meet at 5:30PM in the coffee shop.
The phone number for the group is (714)-557-3118

I neglected to so state, Noelle, but I would be happy to help you all you can as a mentor. If you attend the meetings of the Commonwealth club you will likely have dozens of VERY successful mentors. This club is HIGHLY recommended. This is where I found most of My mentors.

Regards, doc

Reached my pain limit - Posted by Noelle

Posted by Noelle on April 26, 2002 at 23:02:44:

(my keyboard is broke, must use onscreen kb, it’s difficult & time consuming so please excuse brevity.)

It’s been said that reaching a pain limit can cause motivation, well i’ve reached that! i live in one of those mobile parks y’all deal with & i’ve had it with these GARBAGE people & the drunken blankety-blank “managers!” (HA!) i want out! i’ve read DOW & many posts here & i’m ready to get out there & give it my best! i thought i’d come here first & ask one Q before i do, i keep hearing the advice of getting a mentor to guide you’re first steps… where can i find a mentor? i am in hemet ca & i’ve looked for clubs but can’t find any. any advice?thanks so much! you guys are great!

Re: Reached my pain limit - Posted by Steve Hilbon

Posted by Steve Hilbon on April 28, 2002 at 23:15:48:

Hi Noelle. I have a few rentals in Hemet. I know all the parks pretty well. I think it is a great place to
invest. There is a HUGE demand for for affordable
housing there. Call me @ 949-643-0263-home or 949-290-1535-cell if you’d like to talk

Steve Hilbon

No Pain, No Gain, here’s a pain killer… - Posted by Dr. Craig Whisler CA

Posted by Dr. Craig Whisler CA on April 27, 2002 at 10:58:28:

…for you. Noelle, we are pratically neighbors. I live in Moreno Valley, CA, just 30 minutes drive from Hemet.

There is a GREAT Investor’s club that meets in Anaheim, CA. About 100 plus usually show up at the monthly meetings. Next meeting is May 1st. Your timing is great. You can phone me at (909)-662-5851. There is a very experienced guy in Hemet named John Foman. If you phone me and I can give you his number or introduce you. Hemet is a great area for 55+ mobile home parks, as you already know.

Jack Fullerton’s
Commonwealth Club of Orange County.
P.O.Box 1855, Costa Mesa CA 92628
John should know their number.

Regards, doc

Go Girl! - Posted by jessica

Posted by jessica on April 27, 2002 at 01:27:06:

Go for it Noelle! I tell people the one biggest factor you need to make it in creative real estate is guts. If you have the guts to KEEP GOING, to talk to realtors and assessors and sellers when you don’t know as much as you think you should, and you’re not afraid to look like a novice, you’ll gradually learn a whole lot. I’ve learned a ton as well as gotten my best leads from these folks.

I’ve been back into REI (after a hiatus while raising 3 children) for 3 months now and I don’t have a mentor. That would certainly be nice, but I believe it’s a very special gift and comes at the right time. Right now I am staying up nights reading all I can in books and on Creon and I listen to REI tapes constantly while driving my children all over the county. I am slowly beginning to meet folks in the biz. We do have an REI club here but it’s not much about mhp’s.

I wish you could come to the “Go-Girls” group that we have here. A handful of us who are learning to Think Big get together for lunch once a month and share successes and questions. Some, but not all of us are into REI. There is a lot of support for ‘Going For It’, whatever that may mean to each woman. You might know other people who are expanding their thinking with whom you could get together for now, until the mentor comes along…

I wish you all the best, Jessica