RE pros not taking me seriously - Posted by B. Sutton

Posted by Dr. Craig Whisler on August 29, 2000 at 12:52:19:

Dear B. Sutton, we all have been through this. There is nothing wrong with YOU. The problem lies in the fact that the techniques being taught in Nothing Down Courses are so far advanced of the level of knowledge held by professional real estate agents and attorneys that they cannot easily understand what you are trying to do or why you want to do it. You have graduated now, welcome to our group. We generally need to search far and wide for agents and attorneys who do understand us and realize that we are not con artists, but that we are just more creative and knowledgeable than they are (in their own respective fields!). The easiest way that I have found to deal with this problem is just to join a local club or try to network with more seasoned investors and ask them for referals to really knowledgeable Attorneys and agents (if that is possible!) Best Wishes, Doc.

RE pros not taking me seriously - Posted by B. Sutton

Posted by B. Sutton on August 28, 2000 at 11:53:14:

Though i know it’s a numbers game and you have to search before you’ll find a few professionals who are trained in creative financing, and creative solutions, i’m still having a hard time finding pros in my area that will actually work with me. (agents, attorneys, sellers…) they all seem to treat me as if i’m trying to pull one over on them. is there a trick to getting their attention or am i just getting discouraged too easily. i’m in the metro atlanta area, if anyone may be able to recommend any locals who are more experienced in creative financing. thanks!

Re: RE pros not taking me seriously - Posted by Peter

Posted by Peter on August 29, 2000 at 15:38:10:

You’re not alone. I am located in Ontario, Canada and have exactly the same problems. If I had a dollar for every time I heard “you can’t do that” or “that’s not legal” from agents, lawyers, brokers I would have enough $ so I wouldn’t have to invest !

Another favourite: “I’ve been doing RE deals for 30 years and you’re not gonna tell me how to do it sonny !” And the guy is driving a rusty Yugo and living in a walk-up bachelor.

Just keep looking around, and get in touch with other investors or clubs (as Dr. Craig Whisler suggests) and you’ll find some good people to work with. Sometimes I find that talking to fresh agents (that haven’t been in the business long) is better, since they have no pre-conceived old fashioned ideas, and are more willing to listen. And believe me, once they make their first deal with you, they will follow you for life.

One of my favourite memories is of an agent who started with the “You can’t do that, it’s ILLEGAL, I’m an expert” attitude, and as we progressed through the deal not only changed it to “Holy Cow this really works, let’s do some more !” but ended up buying another property himself using exactly the same approach.