RE problems or not... - Posted by Rosendo

Posted by Clint on April 14, 2005 at 06:32:13:


I think its prudent investing. You have X in assets tied up in Real Estate, And X has grown to X Squared…Time to sell, it is the adage, buy cheap sell high. I wouldn’t be overly concerned. There will always be buyers no matter what the price of real estate is. They are cashing out on the high end. They are fortunate, and taking advantage of it.

Just the way I see things…


RE problems or not… - Posted by Rosendo

Posted by Rosendo on April 13, 2005 at 21:35:41:

I recently took a RE class of which CALPers RE advisers (emlpoyees) were also attending. CALpers (California Public Employee Retirement System) is said to be the largest retirement fund in the world. They invest in nearly every sort of investment available. I was told that CALpers has instructed their advisors to sell RE holdings. I was not told how much or what percent they were going to sell but they are selling more RE than they are buying, at least in the United States.
Food for thought. There are a lot of people who think RE is in trouble and those that think it’s not so bad. No one really knows until the smoke clears but this seems to be a bad sign.
Certianly leads me to think that liquid may be the way to go for a year or so or hold til a screaming deal comes around.

What are your thoughts.

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