Rates of appreciation - Posted by RobH_WA

Posted by ray@lcorn on September 08, 2003 at 13:33:33:


There are a coulple of sites that will get you close to what you’re wanting.

For single family homes, check out Local Market Monitor at http://www.localmarketmonitor.com/Sample/index.htm
You can view housing value data going back to 1985 thru 2002 for metro markets on a per market basis,and the menu on the main page also has links to national reports. They lag the free reports to one year old reports, but for your purposes I would think this is what you’re looking for. I seem to recall either HUD or Fannie Mae also keeps this data available.

For commercial its going to be a little more difficult. The only place I am aware of that compiles historical value data on a national basis is Torto-Wheaton Research of Boston. Their site is at www.tortowheatonrsearch.com. Poke around in their free research section and see if there is any help there.

After that you’re likely going to have to start with the major trade associations for commercial properties by type. There are six main associations:

Retail- International Council of Shopping Centers- www.icsc.org

Office and Industrial- Building Owners and Managers Association- www.boma.org
Also: National Association of Industrial and Office Properties- www.naiop.org
Also: Society of Office and Industrial Realtors- www.soir.org

Apartments- National Multi-Housing Council- www.nmhc.org

There are also a slew of sites I frequently use for research, some free, some partially so:
www.reis.com (some free, some paid)
www.nreionline.com (most of the info is free)
www.rerc.com (paid database)
www.retailmaxim.com (paid subscription service)

That should keep you up tonight!


Rates of appreciation - Posted by RobH_WA

Posted by RobH_WA on September 08, 2003 at 11:07:27:

I have a client who is looking to invest in sfh but willing to look at small commercial. They want a long-term hold of 10+ years (l/term means to a property type, does not preclude recycling investment within that property type during that period.)

In some sense real estate, like politics, is all local. However, in order to fill out whatever local numbers I can come up with for a presentation I would like some broader comparisons.

Does anyone know of any resources that compares historical rates of appreciation for different types of property (eg sfh/condo/mfh/industrial/office/retail)?

The more detailed the breakdown (by property type and/or geographical area) the better it would be, but even a national average of sfh vs commercial would be a start.

Equally, the longer the time period the better. Comparing appreciation over the last 10-15 years is obviously more meaningful than the last 1-2.

Free info is best :slight_smile: but pointers to subscriber services would still be useful.

Thanx in advance.