RADON - Posted by Pat

Posted by Ken NJ on December 01, 1998 at 16:26:16:

Radon is usually present in areas, so you likely have a problem as well. However, it is relatively simple to correct. My house had a reading of 30, which is very high. A radon contractor came in and sealed the basement and put in a radon pump. It cost about $1000 and the level is now less than 1.

RADON - Posted by Pat

Posted by Pat on December 01, 1998 at 09:48:13:

A neighbor, across the street, recently had an inspection of the home she has been renting for 5 years as she is trying to buy it from her landlord. The inspector found “dangerous” levels of radon in her home.

I don’t know much about radon. If it is in one house on the street are other houses likely to be at same unacceptable levels ??

Is there a corrective action when a problem is found??