question for direct marketing gurus - Posted by Walter_IL

Posted by KeithK2 on June 27, 2001 at 11:32:07:

Not sure why you’d want NEW mortgage filings but, if your Assessor is anything like mine, they probably don’t have anything about what kind of mortgage a property was financed with. Yours might be different. Still, I think the courthouse would be an easier place to search for recorded documents like mortgages, land contracts, etc. You can usually ask to see a list of the newly recorded or about-to-be-recorded stuff from the clerks office.

While you’re at the courthouse, you might want to check for filings for evictions (motivated landlord might just be fed up enough to sell out), persons claiming title under tax deed (track down original owners and cut a deal), If you have a federal court nearby, check out bankrupcy filings, and IRS tax liens (Careful here! Get good legal advisors on your team cuz’ BKs and the IRS have their own ins and outs that investors need to know!)

Back at the local courthouse, check out the county Tax Assessors office for unpaid tax bills. Unpaid taxes, especially with out-of-town owners, may spell M-O-T-I-V-A-T-I-O-N!

I stopped putting the main thrust of my marketing into finding individual sellers and shifted emphasis to keeping my name in front of people who could refer those sellers to me. I have a mailing list of 400 attorneys, bail bondsmen, mortgage brokers, and builders who receive a minimum of one mailing from me per quarter of a newsletter about the note and RE purchasing programs I have. Attorneys get a monthly update via postcard. fax or a phone call between newsletters because they are the heaviest referral sources I have. Most divorces, foreclosures, BKs, lawsuits, deaths, liquidations, etc. all involve a RE transaction or a note transaction at some point. If I can help an attorney’s client out of a jam, I help them too!

Hope this gives you a few ideas to put your own program together!

All Success
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question for direct marketing gurus - Posted by Walter_IL

Posted by Walter_IL on June 27, 2001 at 06:55:59:

I understand that three largest credit report companies can sell data on new homeowners who bought using VA/FHA financing, etc…

I recently heard that same information is available through Tax assessor. My question is…how do I search Tax assessor system? From my experience, they won’t give me any information unless I have a PIN number of the property.

Also, besides evictions and lis pendens, what other court information indicates motivated seller?

Thanks in advance for your responses.