Question about taxes & out of state property

My dad lives in Alaska (no state tax). He is worried about creating a note for me against my properties in california because he thinks once he starts receiving income from california properties that california will make him pay state tax on the income he receives from his california based properties. This doesn’t make sense to me. I imagine people own properties all over the country in other states and are not required to pay state tax in each and every state. It’s only the state you live in. Is that right? I’ve asked a few CPAs about this so far and no one seems to be able to confidently give me an answer. Thanks in advance.

Calfornia is probably the most aggressive taxation state in the union.

I used to own property there and had to pay them every year for the income derived from those properties.

Not quite sure I understand all of your post. However as a general rule taxes are owed to and collected by the state in which the property is located, regardless of your domicile.