purchase contract - Posted by bill

Posted by bill on September 18, 2003 at 14:09:26:

Thanks Bill!

purchase contract - Posted by bill

Posted by bill on September 17, 2003 at 13:06:11:

I am meeting with my attorney tomorrow and we are going to incorporate Bronchicks purchase agreement into our state approved form (WI). He said we will write any inclusions and addendums and make sure it is all state specific. He said it will cost between $300-$400 to do that. Thats alot of money and I can only imagine what it will cost when I have him review lease option and trust docs and that sort of thing. He charges $195 per hour but unfortunatly he is the only real estate attorney within 100 miles of here that does everything I need (invests, double closings etc… etc… A few people told me to do my own contracts but he told me that Wisconsin is very consumer oriented and I had better make sure everything is straight or I could be asking for trouble. I am waiting to start my marketing campaign until I at least get a purchase contract. Any comments or suggestions? THanks, Bill

Money well spent… - Posted by William Bronchick

Posted by William Bronchick on September 18, 2003 at 07:56:03:

If you do one deal, $400 is nothing compared to the trouble you can get into by omitting an essential clause pertitent to local practice. My contracts are solid, but no form can cover every local, municipal or city ordinance in the Country. Morever, filling out the contract properly is as important as having a good contract - this is where an atty can really help.

Once you get past your first few deals, you will have the knack for filling out contracts.

I just paid a computer network professional several hundred dollars to set up Windows NT properly on my office network. The software is fine, but one little detail overlooked in installing it could cause me MAJOR hassles later on. And, considering the magnitude of a loss of data, I would say it was a good investment,