Properties for sale

I have equity in two 3br. Sfr for sale that are cash flowing for $1400 a month in N.C. Does anyone know where I can find investors interested? Thanks in advance.

I’m interested in discussing!

I am also. :slight_smile:

When we sale property we can show it by it’s location and that material which we used in our property. It’s beneficial for us and we can sale property easily.

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Derrick, I am very interested in these properties.
Where can we see a listing, or get more details on the property?


Mega Opportunity for the right team or individual.

Good morning. As some of you already know, I’ve recently been putting together a package deal of houses for my private investors. All cash buys. All within a specific timeline of 60 days. Well I just got everything approved and we are ready to see inventory. We need 25 SFH Flips// Within approx. 60 days. // Baltimore, MD // City or County only.

Buying Requirements:

3+ Bed,
Detached, NO Rows,
can close in 14-30 days.
48hr inspections,
SFH’s found in 21206 on streets such as Forest View, Glenmore, Belmar and Glenarm are a great model to use.

The ALL-IN number (which includes purchase, closing costs, repairs cost, holding costs for 6months and any other tax or insurance costs) cannot exceed 65-68% of the-newly renovated, appraised ARV.

Please do not suggest houses that have title or lien issues. Clean titles only.

All cash deals. Text or Call 443-424-8482.
Please leave me a text if I don’t answer. I will call you back promptly.

Thank You

-Mr. B

I may be able to assist you in regards to the properties you are looking to gather for your buyers.

I am interested too, but I need more services in the area of boston.
I am ready to work if you are ready for location.

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