Pre-forclosures - Posted by dan(IN)

Posted by Mark Walters on October 16, 2001 at 16:39:09:


Yes there are pre-foreclosures in Indiana! Here’s a link to a list so you can get started:

Hope that helps!

Mark Walters~

Pre-forclosures - Posted by dan(IN)

Posted by dan(IN) on October 16, 2001 at 15:58:00:

Can anyone tell me if pre-forclosures are available in Indiana. If so, how do I access them?

Re: Pre-forclosures - Posted by JT - IN

Posted by JT - IN on October 17, 2001 at 13:28:12:


Pre-foreclosures are simply delinquaint homeowners who have had suits filed against them by their lender, and are in the process of foreclosure. There are many and the number of them is rising, due to the curent condition of the economy.

Find out where the legal advertising is done, for your county, for public notices. If it is a small county, it will likely be your local newpaper. If you are in a large county, there may be another source, for legal notices only. Your Clerk of Courts will be able to answer the question.

The source that was mentioned previously, will usually be a duplication of data that is already available to you. They are compliling data from public records and reselling it packaged to the consumer/investor. Nothing wrong with this approach, but I do not necessarily recommend this type of information source. You will have to judge the benefit to you, offset by the cost, but you can obtain the same info, usually without cost, via public records.

In Indiana, suits are filed about 6 to 8 months prior to any Sheriff Sale activity. All suits filed, MUST be publicly advertised, so the info is readily available to you. Just find the local source, and go from there.