Power Cash Flow-Joseph Kaiser's Mechanics Lien System

I am inquiring on this forum in the hopes of purchasing or acquiring a copy of Joe Kaiser’s “Power Cash Flow-the Mechanic’s Lien System.” There has been prior discussion on this board about Mr. Kaiser’s Mechanics Lien System.

Would someone be willing to sell me a copy if you still have it available or make a copy? Please let me know what price you want. I would also accept a photo copy of the manuel.

As an alternate, if there are any courses from Mr. Kaiser’s collection from the “Total Domination Series” that you would like to own I would consider sending or duplicating “Totally Dominate Your Foreclosure Marketplace”, “The Hunt for Abandoned Properties”, “Mitigate This!”, or “The Ultimate Lease Option Strategy.”

Mr. Kaiser was extremely creative in his approach to real estate investing would like to learn more about his system with Mechnics Liens. Thank you for your time and consideration, I look forward to hearing back from you.

J. Stevenson
201-606-3225 (cell)