Possible double wide deal - Posted by Scot in LV

Posted by Dr. Craig Whisler CA on December 16, 2004 at 16:33:23:

…exist. That’s not all bad.

The Park manager is negotiating for you because she is trying to earn a $5,000 sales commission, at YOUR expense.

You must do your own negotiating whenever you are talking about YOUR money.

The place is WAAAAAY over-priced. That is why the mobile home company couldn’t find a buyer (spelled sucker) for it.

A good price would be free.

A good wholesale price woud be $500.


GO DIREDTLY TO JAIL and read Lonnie’s book, Deals On Wheels. You didn’t, and you must, or you will loose your derrriere, post haste.

Good that you were wise enough to post this question.

Now your $25k can live, to play another day.

Regards, doc

Possible double wide deal - Posted by Scot in LV

Posted by Scot in LV on December 16, 2004 at 15:27:03:

I need help/advice on a good purchase price for a 1977 Delmar double wide. Its in very good shape, #bd/ 2 Bath, and a large kitchen/dining room, plus a TV room. The price has been slashed to $24000 from $27000.

Here is the problem,the owners need to move quickly. They have had it listed with a mobile home sales company that is not producing. I have a good relationship with the park manager, and she is the one who showed me the home.

She tells me they are willing to deal, the only problem is she is doing the negotiations for them. The owner told me that she is very open to offers. The park manager is very sharp though, so she won’t let me talk to them alone, and I don’t want to bypass her out of respect for the relationship we have built. She says blue book is $17,000. I told her the offer that I make will probably offend her, but oh well.

What would be a good wholesale price for this mobile home? I’d like to carry a note, or possible flip it for cash.



Re: Possible double wide deal - Posted by patsears

Posted by patsears on December 16, 2004 at 22:07:22:

I tried to look the name Delmar up in my NADA guide and it isn’t even listed. Unless this DW has has a sweeping view of the pacific ocean (and being located in Nevada, it probably does’nt) I can’t see it being worth anymore than $6000-$8000 RETAIL give or take, which means about half that to you as a dealer, depending on its shape.