Possible deal #2 - Posted by Travis Capps(MD)

Posted by lonnie on November 05, 2000 at 19:03:52:

Hi Travis,

I normally use a purchase agreement, give the seller no more than $100 deposit, and agree to give them the rest of the money when they’re out of the home and leave it in the condition agreed on. You should have plenty of time to have a buyer ready to move in before the seller is due to move out. Offer the seller a few bucks to help you find a buyer, and show the home.

Be sure to check with park manager regarding keeping the home on the lot, work needed, taxes current, clear title etc. Looks like a good deal in the making.

Good luck,


Possible deal #2 - Posted by Travis Capps(MD)

Posted by Travis Capps(MD) on November 05, 2000 at 13:41:38:

I’ve found a 3br 2ba in a good park for a great price. The problem is that the ownwers won’t be ready to move “for a month or two”. He’s waiting for a settelment from a lawsuit, then he’s buying a house. I don’t want to pay him now, then have something happen and he doesn’t move, then have to worry about getting my money back. What’s the best way to tie this thing up 'till I’m sure he’s moving? I’d like to get it done soon and have some time to get it sold before he goes.


Travis Capps (MD)