Polybutylene (PB) plumbing - Posted by Beth (CA-FL)

Posted by Leslie on March 25, 2004 at 16:27:14:


Polybutylene (PB) plumbing - Posted by Beth (CA-FL)

Posted by Beth (CA-FL) on March 25, 2004 at 16:13:43:

Hello seasoned investors familiar with recalled PB plumbing:

I’m in esrow on a good cashflow SFH built in 1989. Home inspector found that there is PB plumbing. There have been no leaks. As you know, this stuff is recalled. Such a flaw will of course effect resale. We could negotiate for seller to:
1)Replace the plumbing (the seller cannot get a claim going with the class action lawsuit unless there is a leak.)
2) Credit us back for this flaw. (We’d probably have to get a plumber out there to give an estimate.)

Should I back out of the deal cuz of the recalled PB plumbing?
(It was not disclosed, home inspector found it).

Any idea what it costs to replace this stuff… it’s a 1758 sq. ft. 2 story home built in 1989 on slab foundation.

Appreciate advice/feedback.


Re: Polybutylene (PB) plumbing - Posted by Tarheel T

Posted by Tarheel T on March 25, 2004 at 18:35:17:

I just bought a 1984 mobile home foreclosure with pb plumbing throughout. I didn’t think twice about it because I knew that a few leaks can be fixed economically if necessary. And the price of the property made sense.

Now, the main difference in your situation and mine is that your home is over a slab which if the pb is run underneath would be difficult to repair. For that reason, I would get an estimate to replace all of it, and factor that into your price, and renegotiate.

It may be that you will be ok and have no leaks, but get that discount to compensate for the possibility of problems in the future.