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Posted by Blane (MI) on May 02, 2000 at 06:11:29:

Good morning,

The only way to get the ball rolling w/PM’s is to get in front of them. It takes time and patience to get them acquainted with you and understand what you want to accomplish. For example, I tried approaching them as an individual and got nowhere; now I’m an employee of a company and things are going better. They’ll be cautious at first, but that’s the nature of the business. It may take several visits to get them comfortable with you.

Many others, including myself, have had the same issue. Had no luck getting referrals from PM’s, but now have a couple that are going to at least identify for me homes where folks are getting notices, evictions, writs etc. That way I can go to them directly or to the lienholders to see what I can do.

If you encounter a jerk, move on. There’s plenty more parks where people will be more cooperative. Keep plugging away and you’ll see results.

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PMs - Posted by CH - CA

Posted by CH - CA on May 01, 2000 at 17:52:42:

Humm, I’m beginning to feel that getting information from PMs is like pulling teeth. Both my partner and I have run into quite a few PMs that were both unwilling to lend any information and rude to boot.

Actually, I should say that we’ve called them. I thought we should call the parks to discuss our intentions with the PMs. Then I thought that it would be nice to just check out the parks, but you have to have directions. So we called them for that too. In either case, most of them wouldn?t budge. Yup, even when trying to get directions some of these people were so tight-lipped, I thought I had reached the Pentagon by mistake. There certainly are some live PMs out there!

Now, I don’t care how rude they are to me. The point is, you kind of have to have them on your side if you want to do business in their parks. What has your experience been when calling or visiting PMs, and what is a good way to approach them?

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