Please help foreclosure - Posted by Roger Dagenais

Posted by Juan on July 20, 2002 at 22:40:26:


I am not sure what the laws are in Canada, but here in the states you do not need a RE license to invest in properties, it sometimes can be a hindrance. As far as getting the money to flip houses, you do not really need any money. Flipping is ultimately about controlling the property and getting someone else to put up the money.

Can’t help you on RE investing websites in Canada, but surf around this site or look in the archives and I am sure you will find something.

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Please help foreclosure - Posted by Roger Dagenais

Posted by Roger Dagenais on July 20, 2002 at 09:41:39:

Hey guys my name is Roger!

Nice to meet all of you! I am starting in real estate this september as in geting my license. I would like to also invest in real estate. I am from canada if anyone from ottawa canada please email me id love to meet you. One big issues is that i am 20 years old and I have no clue on how to get the money to Flip houses. Money lenders? I really would like directions for that thanks guys. Also is there a good foreclosure website for canadians?