Park maintenance guy-dream come true! - Posted by Java(OH)

Posted by Todd (AZ) on March 10, 2006 at 17:59:52:

Hi Java,

Treat those two right. Without being too pushy, maybe bring in donuts, a burrito for lunch for the maintenance guy (hey, I’m in AZ, burrito’s are big here), a thank you card, etc. Good find! Todd (AZ)

Park maintenance guy-dream come true! - Posted by Java(OH)

Posted by Java(OH) on March 10, 2006 at 17:02:47:

My first park that I visited has become a wealth of knowledge. I am usually asking questions on this site, so I decided to share my experience with you all and maybe help someone else out that is just starting as well. The lady who runs this park(PM) has been nothing but a dream come true for a new investor(and hopefully even a seasoned one when I get moving). She has given me prior sales, a list of current sales, both through the park and private owners, and just yesterday introduced me to the park maintenance guy, Denver. I called her up and told her I would like to look at the properties they had for sale and she told me to come in whenever I had time as long as it was before 5pm, quitin’ time. I showed up around 3pm and Denver started showing me the homes for sale. Asking questions, one at a time and spaced out between conversations, he unleashed an abundance of information about the construction of the mobile homes, from the early '60’s to the current models that would have took me forever to accumulate by myself. He has worked on MHs his entire adulthood and ahs even gone to the factory to see how they are built. He is an older gentleman and I think was very excited to share his knowledge with a young man(me), that is just entering the business. Before we parted for the day, he let me know which MH he stays in and that he is always available if his truck is parked out from. He said that he would gladly answer any questions I had and show me nay of the other homes I want to see. This to me is priceless and I hope everyone out there finds theie ‘Denver’. Happy home shopping.
-Dan C.