Park Evictions - Posted by MCP

Posted by Chuck (AZ) on June 15, 2001 at 11:53:35:

I can’t speak as to Georgia being a “eviction at will state”, but I will comment on the balance of your post.

IF the rumor is true (conversion to commercial property), a mass eviction would be the way to go about this.

Is the park full of older homes? Is it possible that it’s about to change hands (or has), and the new owner wants to re-fill it with newer one’s?

In any event, it’s doubtful that you (personally) can stop the process. If the tentants have a legal leg to stand on, they’ll have to make a collective effort on their own to stay there.

If you can find empty lots or land that you could relocate the homes to, you might be able to assist these folks and make a few bucks along the way. Start checking the other parks in the area, and call a toter to see what kind of deal(s) you can work… it might be their only way out of this.

If your in a position to buy a park (with vacant lots) yourself, now would be a good time to move on it. Check out for a list of properties in the area.

Park Evictions - Posted by MCP

Posted by MCP on June 15, 2001 at 09:35:14:

I’ve got a question about park evictions in Georgia. I have had several people call me about being evicted from a park here in Georgia for no reason. The park manager is sending out eviction notices in small groups that say Georgia is a eviction at will state and they have 60 days to move their home out of the park. Rumor has it that the park might be sold for commercial. This is really a bad situation. I am trying to be a problem solver and would love to find a way to help these people out and make some good money. I thought there were strict regulations on a park converting to commercial property. Suggestions, ideas, general comments would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Park Evictions - Posted by lyal

Posted by lyal on June 18, 2001 at 09:44:21:

MCP, Call your state attorney general’s office. You can get the number from their web site at
Generally you can search the state statutes from the AG site too and research them yourself.
One caution here…If you just want to supply these people with info, that’s noble. You can also refer them to the local “Free Legal Aid” office (offered in most states to people who can’t afford an attorney)BUT if your plan is to deal here and the park manager gets wind that you are causing trouble for him he’ll be plenty p*ssed off and you can plan on not being able to work there.
All the best, Lyal