Park Developer's Questions - Posted by Jim

Posted by parco19 on October 07, 2004 at 20:25:57:

Jim, I’m not sure where your located geographically,but I may be able to answer some of your questions. Pricing varies considerably. The farther North you go the more stringent the manufactured home (thermal, roof loads)building codes are as well as the installer codes. Both of which drive up price. Typical pricing in the upper midwest is:Single wides; unset(teardown)$550 Setup ; Block & level hookup water & sewer $800 vapor barrier under home (where applicable) $125 Anchoring (where applicable). $35 per tie down. Skirting $350 (labor only)Doublewides- Unset $1500 Setup-$2000 anchoring and skirting same as singles. Transporting 14’ wide and under $350 = $3 per mile 16’ wides $550 = $3 p.m. Many states finance companies aren’t allowed to sell to the consumer directly and must broker repos through a dealer.

Park Developer’s Questions - Posted by Jim

Posted by Jim on October 07, 2004 at 06:11:29:

Ok, you guys and gals out there who have a few minutes between installing homes and evicting people, give me some feedback, please.

Are you working the repo lists and bringing in your homes that way? Who’s giving you the best deals and is the easiest to work with?

How about transporters? How much are they charging you to teardown, move and setup a singlewide or doublewide?

How about your setup costs over and above the price of the home?

What are you selling your homes for, pricewise? How are your eviction rates?

Having trouble finding workers to maintain your park, do your renovations or handywork and what are you paying them?

I’ll share my story if you would kindly share yours.

Jim Pack - FL