Pactrust-L/O, need some - Posted by L(nyc)

Posted by L(nyc) on June 06, 2000 at 09:34:49:

I have been self teaching myself REI for the last four months and so far I feel that I have been pretty good with stayiong motivated. But now I feel that I may have hit a crossroad between picking disciplines, I want to focus prmarily on flips and L/O or Pactrusts. I have read a good amount on both topics but I now want to focus on one and become an exert with that one. I would like to know if people have been succesful with PacTrusts? and if they have done both ( L/O and Pac) why did they choose one over the other? Also, is a Pactrust a succeful entity in a climate such as NYC? I would appreciate any help suggestions or advice, good luck to all.