Option AGGREEMENTS - Posted by Tommy in FL

Posted by Tommy in FL on November 07, 2008 at 05:06:26:

Have any of you goten an option on a property to purchase say for 100k, find an end buyer for say 140K. Using the equity in the home to pay for the buyers downpayment and closing cost and downpayment using FHA or any other program?
Then when you bring a buyer and seller together to contract have the seller sign the contract referencing your option aggreement. And have the seller sign a blank invoice giving the title company irovocable instructions to pay you blank amount, to be fille out when you figure out how much your making?
Only catch here I see is that the lender wether it be fha have a problem with how much money a third party is getting?
Does and one do this and are that any tips you can give me to make this transaction go smoothly if this will work?

Also, anyway to get realtors to work with me on this?

thank you