On deployment now, so should I fish in unchartered waters?? - Posted by Emmett-Wherever the Army Sends Me

Posted by Emmett-Wherever the Army Sends Me on June 07, 1999 at 14:46:18:

Hey all, well I am here at lovely Fort Dix, NJ babysitting the Kosovo refugees until they are outprocessed to families in the US. But while serving here is good for the ol Army career, it is KILLING my aspirations for RE Investing at Fort Bragg, NC. I was wondering if I should start fishing for the motivated sellers around here? That would make me an out of state owner if I decide to keep it, but I think I just want to do some flips or LO if I could. But I would like to know if anyone knows the area of Wrightstown, NJ or surrounding Burlington County? Is this a good idea, or should I suck it up and wait to go back to NC? Thanks in advance!

1LT Emmett Dempsey