OK- what to do, what to do - Posted by Joe

Posted by Bobby on October 07, 2000 at 19:35:19:

Hi Jenn,

I just ordered the book, “Deals on Wheels”. I can’t wait to start reading it along with my wife. We are eagar but until we get the book we are stuck, knowing what to do first. would you email the facts about your deal so I can get an idea on how this works.



OK- what to do, what to do - Posted by Joe

Posted by Joe on September 30, 2000 at 23:12:17:

I have $75 burning a hole in my pocket right now and really want to get started off right doing deals in mobile homes.
Which material do I get… “Deals on wheels” & “Making Money on Mobile Homes” (around $60) or “How to get rich helping others” ($79) ? My background is very little $$$ to start with and totally new to this area (with the exception of negociating leases on land) (pretty cut and dried)… I really want to get started right and need some straight advice…

Re: OK- what to do, what to do - Posted by Jenn-Fla

Posted by Jenn-Fla on October 02, 2000 at 09:33:29:

It would be my opinion, having read both, that you start with Deals on Wheels… this will give you the basic groundwork on the nuts and bolts of this business (even if you have alot of it already worked out in your mind, you can’t figure it ALL out on your own… Lonnie’s experience will save you tremendous money and time avoiding mistakes).

Once you’ve read that, you will have the ability to start driving parks, making calls, etc. I guarantee you, you will then either have the passion to find another $80 for Ernest’s material, or you will decide this isn’t the business for you.

Ernest’s material is also fantastic as it reiterates some of the material in Lonnie’s book but then expands on it in terms of learning how to really analyze a deal (i.e. your break point when arriving at a price, etc.) and teaches you how to do Lease/Options as a good alternative to straight sales which will save you money at tax time.

The cost of these two books in two months will profit me about $11,000 on my first deal.

Good luck,