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Posted by Sailor on November 11, 2008 at 21:13:35:

There is a place near Santa Maria where feral cats have been known to grow to 35 lbs.

Speaking of snakes, I remember I would never go into the anchor locker w/out my skipper checking it first for snakes because it is common for them to crawl up the anchor chain. Our weekly paper here in NC came out today & there was a story about a recent local rattlesnake killing. It was 9’ 1’ long & weighed 97 lbs. I think its mama must have mated w/a 'gator (we have those, too).


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Posted by michaela-CA on November 11, 2008 at 10:26:41:

I can’t seem to find a discussion forum for boat auctions, so I thought I might ask here. Maybe one of you knows.

I moved across from a Marina 2 months ago and happened to stop by at a boat auction they had last week. Everybody was so focused on a high-end boat that nobody bid on the other boat. So, I ended up buying a 30’ etchells racing boat for $ 500. I figured at that price I had nothing to lose

I though I could sell it for more, but then I got so many questions, that I couldn’t answer that I didn’t want to mess with it and ended up doing a barter deal for something else that was a good deal for me and for him.

I thought I could just assign this deal to him, since I have to wait until 11-16 to take possession, but the Marina is telling me that it can’t be done. That I have to take title and pay all the taxes and then have to sell it to the other guy and he has to pay taxes again etc.

There was no contract, no deposit. They just took all my info. I won’t back out, because I made the deal. But I’m just not sure if they’re just saying this, because they don’t know any better (just like some attorneys tell you that double closings are illegal) or if it’s really not possible to just assign something like this.

Anybody know or know where I can go to ask?



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Posted by Sailor on November 11, 2008 at 21:05:01:

An Etchells 22 in decent condition is worth a LOT more than $500. so you got a heck of a buy. I wouldn’t even sell my old 8’ Fatty Knees sailing dinghy that cheap. If you want to learn more about them:

Note that marinas in Calif. always tattle to the DMV, & between the DMV & the cut-throat county property tax villains there, it’s an expensive place to own a boat, even a trailerable one. I bought an Avon inflatable in AZ & registered it in TX & CA still got me for sales tax. I managed to get my cruising boat out of the country w/out getting slammed for property taxes, but once you are on the tax rolls in Orange County, even that doesn’t work. I had a friend who was in Mexico on a buddy boat of ours who had to take a 24 hour bus ride to Tiajuana (I’ve taken the same bus, & at that time they were old converted school buses w/no air-conditioning in 114 degree heat & standing room only) & then another bus to OC in order to testify in person that indeed her boat had been out of the country for 2 years, that she never planned to bring it back to CA, & pretty-please would they release her from future property taxes.

All that said, I’d jump @ the chance to go to a boat auction there, 'cause where you are is the best place to buy & sell boats. You’ve got Latitude 38 magazine right there, & if I ever get real serious about selling my boat that’s where I’d advertise it even though I’m now in NC. I bought our last boat in SF Harbor via Latitude 38.

Not on a racing boat, but on larger boats that haven’t, been stripped, you could even make good money just selling off the equipment. Anything “marine” sells for high dollar, & boats in that area are usually well equipped for the heavy weather sailing. My figures are old, but even 20 years ago it co$t me c. 75k to outfit my boat. Used electronics aren’t worth hardly anything, but used anchors, sails, winches, etc. would piecemeal out for good money. Visit a boating swap meet & take a look sometime (if nothing else, you’ll meet some interesting folks).

Michaela, I think if you learn the technical ropes of buying boats, even in CA, you could develop a fun sideline. There are going to be some good deals in the next few month & years, & if you buy quality names (& Etchells is a top racer) in good condition you’ll still be able to sell them.


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Posted by JT-IN on November 11, 2008 at 16:03:48:

Pure speculation here but… You likely signed something with the auctioneer in advance, in order to bid… and therein lies the fine print.

Also my guess is you are dealing with Dept of Motor Veh registration laws… in order to skip titles one must be a dealer. This is pretty tightly controlled in most states to avoid the exact event of tax dodge that you have planned… Seems like you have little choice here but to pay tax, registration, etc… then transfer.

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Posted by Kristine-CA on November 11, 2008 at 11:05:22:

You don’t even have a contract, correct? So there is nothing to assign
and the seller has control here.

Why would they hold an auction and fail to collect payment at that
time, or put something in writing? IMO, without something in writing
you can’t “assign” and they can’t force you to buy.

Even if you had a written contract, there would be problems. Contracts
are assignable…until they are not. Sellers can and do refuse to close
with a new buyers all the time. Hence, IMO, the need for full discolure
of assignment possibility. Even if they are contractually obligated, the
only way to make someone close is to sue. Obviously, there’s no need
for that here, since you can close on the deal.

One more thing to try. How about if your buyer goes in (instead of
you) with a written, notarized statement from you, stating that you are
letting him close on it and give up all your right and interest, etc. (at
the same price–you can work out the differences later) and see if they
will honor the statement for him. You know how it is, some people
respond to guys better. Some people respond to people without
German accents better. Some people respond badly to purple
mohawks. I think it’s worth a try. Kristine

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Posted by michaela-CA on November 16, 2008 at 10:58:55:


I’m now the proud owner of an Etchells 22 for $ 500.

And I’ve heard that people are abandoning their boats left and right. The same marina has another 3 or 4 abandoned boats coming up. So, I think I’ll take your advice and start learning about boats. Might be a fun little additional sideline, as you suggested.


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Posted by michaela-CA on November 11, 2008 at 21:25:06:


thanks. You’re scaring me a little now. Are the taxes that high that they’re a big deal? I’d hate to pay a lot of extra for just giving the deal on the way I got it, without profit, and then having to pay extra. But since you mention ‘property tax’ (property tax?) those would be prorated and shouldn’t be an issue if I transfer it right away.

Yeah, I probably could make some extra money with boats. Not sure if I want to, though ;-). Have never sailed, so I don’t even know the basic.

Besides, I have this little sideline right now that I work 10 hrs a week or so on, that gets me about 20k/month or so. So, it keeps me busy and in bread and water :wink:


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Posted by michaela-CA on November 11, 2008 at 16:26:53:

BTW - there was nothing signed to register. That surprised me. I went there the day before and asked what the procedure is. And after I won the bid I thought I was going to have to pay a deposit, they didn’t want anything. They literally only made a copy of my driver’s license and had me fill in my current address and ph#.

I made them give me a photocopy of the details of the boat and trailer. That’s all I have.


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Posted by michaela-CA on November 11, 2008 at 16:10:37:

Hi, JT,

thanks. Not so much concerned about the taxes, which should be small on $ 500, but all the paperwork surrounding stuff - the ‘going to the DMW and standing in line and registering in my name’ and then waiting for some kind of paperwork from them and then doing whatever needs to be done to transfer the title to the other guy. I hate paperwork - any kind.

So, if that’s the law, then that’s the law. That’s what i wanted to know. I just didn’t want to just sit back and just accept whatever he was telling me.

So, thanks, you answered my question :wink:



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Posted by michaela-CA on November 11, 2008 at 11:35:45:


I bet you’ve been there yourself: Someone tells you that things have to be done a certain way and if you ask ‘why?’ they say, ‘well, that’s just how it is’. But
they can’t tell you why it can’t be done differently or aren’t willing to look at the possibility.

It annoys the crap out of me ;-).

If we always accepted those answers without questioning, many of us wouldn’t be where we are.


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Posted by michaela-CA on November 11, 2008 at 11:29:17:

Hi, Kristine,

you are right and it would make perfect sense for them to do it. They had hired a lien sales person, who does these sales all over the area. He’s the one the Marina listens to and he’s who I just spoke to.

I know what you mean with ‘being the wrong person’. Have been there, whether it’s being a woman, being white or being German. I don’t think my purple mohawk has given me many problems ;-). But you know how it is, you can tell. Your intuition gives you that little nudge. And I’ve met him, I really don’t for a second think this has anything to do with me as a person.

I really feel that this is more like ‘that’s how we always do it and that’s the only way it can be done’.

Of course, they might hope that I back out, because I really got a good deal (Have back up offers). That way the Marina will own it. Do I want to push the issue? No. Because my buyer already ordered the parts for me (He’s installing a Hydraulic generator and some other parts into my car that help me save gas), so it wouldn’t be fair to play around with it.

I had just hoped that someone here may have done something like this before with a boat or maybe car and would know something definite. It’s kind of the principle for me. I would like to find out if it’s really impossible or if I’m just being told that it is
(Just like many closing attys/title companies tell us).


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Posted by Sailor on November 11, 2008 at 21:38:42:

Girlfriend, we’ve GOT to get together one of these days!

I don’t remember anything about property taxes on trailerable boats. I was referring to larger boats, & when I was in CA it wasn’t the amount of the taxes as much as the fact you could never get the darn thing OFF the tax rolls when the boat was permanently out of the country. The assumption was that they had rights until another state put you on the rolls. Those that left for foreign ports were usually stuck continuing to pay. We even paid CA income taxes on retirement for several years, even though we lived abroad or in other states. Thankfully, it was finally successfully challenged a few years ago on the basis of taxation w/out representation. The state settled on condition that none of us who had paid could go back & request refunds.

Tye (a Calif. refugee)

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Posted by Rick, the Probate Guy on November 11, 2008 at 20:21:30:

Why don’t you plan on horse trading this boat? Makes more sense unless you have other plans, although I don’t get the impression the “plans” have been a big part of this venture…just a fun purchase.

Anyway, have fun with it and hope you don’t find bad things in the hidden compartments.

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Posted by michaela-CA on November 11, 2008 at 21:41:54:

Ok, I misunderstood - phew!

And I guess it’s good, that I’m planning to stay in CA. Am having way too much fun here. Even took a fire eating class.


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Posted by Jack E on November 14, 2008 at 14:13:02:

Horse trade? You recommend trading a boat for a horse? There might be some benefit in that especially if the horse can swim fast. I have owned two boats and trailers, both in the then U.S. Canal zone in Panama. My happiest days were like any or at least most boat owners, the day you bought it and the day you sold it. But, I will have to admit I had a lot of fun with both while I owned them, skiing and fishing for Pecock Bass in Lake Gatun,locking through the Panama Canal. Great fun in Panama.

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Posted by michaela-CA on November 11, 2008 at 20:40:37:


not sure what you mean with ‘horse trading’. I am trading something for it and I’m happy with the trade. Not sure what else you mean. I don’t even plan to set foot on it, so I guess the snakes can stay in whatever crevices they are. (But I did see a huge black cat the other day, except when googling to find out exactly what I saw, those they supposedly don’t exist in North America in the wild)


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I first began riding horses growing up in the Panama Canal Zone. Since our hometown is no more, I have made a website for zonians to share photos and memories of our little paradise.

Even if you were not from the Canal Zone it is kinda interesting lol

Gatun Saddle Club 1966-1979