NY -first l/o - no forms - and advise - Posted by gio

Posted by gio on February 20, 2000 at 17:29:13:

oright heres the deal - 2 fam. mint cond. : fmv = $193-195k , mortgage owed = $183K , piti = $1900/mo, owner willing to do l/o at option price of $185k, 1st fl. rent=$600/mo, 2nd fl. vacant — I have sev’l ideas but want to know
? what are the different options to offer a buyer ? My ad will go in tom’w - no doubt will get alot of calls since its a good hood -
also I have no forms ; where can i get some ?
? dont think i’ll need a r.e. atty (already have one- incase)at this point do I ?

Much Obliged - Amigos